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Examining the links between volume crime and organised crime

There is a multi-faceted relationship between volume crime and organised crime. This can involve forms of volume crime (eg vehicle theft, shoplifting, card-fraud) that are used to fund crime that is traditionally considered more organized, such as the manufacture, distribution and sale of illicit drugs. It can also involve the opposite relationship, with violence and property crime being a bi-product of organised crime.

Relatively little is known about the relationship between organised crime and volume crime in the Australian context, or about the individuals who may participate in both types of crime. This program of work will build on previous research from overseas and will begin to provide a greater understanding of the relationship between the two types of crime.

The aims of this program are to:

  • gain an understanding of the conceptual relationships between organised crime and volume crime
  • explore the criminal histories of organised crime offenders to understand the role played by volume offending in criminal career trajectories.
Last updated
30 November 2017