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Appendix B

Semi-structured Interview guide for stakeholder interviews

About the program

  • The purpose of the FVIP is to (1) improve collaboration, (2) improve victim safety, (3) provide opportunities for offender accountability and (4) seek continuous improvement. Are these purposes still valid? What amendments, if any are required?
  • What threats or barriers exist to the effective operation of the FVIP?
  • Thinking of these threats and barriers, what steps could be taken to improve the effective operation of the program?
  • In what ways does your agency manage its operational quality and consistency in relation to FV? Do you think these are effective? In what ways? What can be improved?
  • What, in your opinion, is required to have an effective criminal justice response to family violence in the Australian Capital Territory?
  • What would you like to see for the FVIP in the future?

About governance

  • Is the FVIPCC effective? What are the strengths and weaknesses? Are there ways to enable your agency to have greater involvement in the FVIPCC and FVIP as a whole?
  • Since commencement of the FVIP, the VoCC (as Domestic Violence Project Coordinator) has acted as chair, secretariat, and facilitator and identifies data and information needs for the FVIPCC. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the statutory victim advocate performing these responsibilities? Are there other agencies that could better perform this function or other administrative arrangements that should be made?
  • What are the needs of your agency in administering your agency’s role on the FVIPCC? What works and what doesn’t for your agency in this committee? What level of seniority is required for agency representation?
  • All agencies in the FVIP collect family violence data. Is this useful to you? To the program as a whole? How can data collection and dissemination be improved?

About accountability

  • The FVIP works on the basis of collective accountability. What are the strengths and weaknesses of this model?
  • Are there any other comments you’d like to make about the FVIP or the committee?
Last updated
3 November 2017