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Special thanks are extended to the women who were interviewed and shared their experiences of family violence and their perceptions of the criminal justice system response. Special thanks is also owed to Ms Dymphna Lowrey, from the ACT Restorative Justice Unit, who conducted these interviews and ensured the women’s voices could be reflected in this report by taking considerable care to record their thoughts and feelings.

This project was overseen by a Reference Group consisting of Ms Robyn Holder (Victims of Crime Coordinator), Ms Jane Caruana (Victim Support ACT) and Ms Dennise Simpson (Domestic Violence Crisis Service) whose support and advice are gratefully acknowledged.

This report could not have been prepared without timely data provision from ACT Policing, ACT Magistrates’ Court and ACT Corrective Services.

Thanks are also extended to the representatives of key Family Violence Intervention Program agencies who candidly shared their views on the program and their experiences working with family violence victims and offenders.

The authors would also like to thank colleagues at the AIC: Dr Kristen Davis, who conducted many of the stakeholder interviews and provided editorial advice; and Dr Judy Putt for input on the draft report.

This report was funded by the ACT Office of the Victims of Crime Coordinator.


The conclusions drawn in this report are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the Australian Government, ACT Government or the Australian Institute of Criminology.

Last updated
3 November 2017