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The worldwide fight against transnational organised crime: Australia



This report describes how Australia deals with the problem of organised crime. Most law enforcement activity is focused at the national (federal) level, but each of the six states and two principal territories also have jurisdiction to deal with crime at a local level, even when it involves some cross-border or organised component. This report identifies the principal agencies and organisations in each jurisdiction that are involved in combating organised crime; levels of institutional cooperation between the Australian Commonwealth, states and territories; areas of judicial and quasi judicial control over certain forms of investigation; the advantages of the Australian approach to organised crime; and legal measures relating to organised crime.

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Urbas G, Smith R, Tailby R, Nelson D & McCusker R 2004. The worldwide fight against transnational organised crime: Australia. Technical and background paper series no. 9. Canberra: Australian Institute of Criminology. https://aic.gov.au/publications/tbp/tbp009