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NDLERF Research Summaries

National Drug Law Enforcement Research Fund

These Research Summaries provide a plain English summary of NDLERF Monographs and also detail the implications for police. Prepared by Roger Nicholas.

2004 - 2010

34 : Developing the capacity and skills for national implementation of a drug law enforcement performance measurement framework
Katie Willis, Peter Homel and Jessica Anderson

33 : An investigation into the influx of Indigenous 'visitors' to Darwin's Long Grass from remote NT communities - Phase 2: Being undesirable: law, health and life in Darwin's Long Grass
Catherine Holmes and Eva McRae-Williams

32 : Comparative rates of violent crime amongst methamphetamine and opioid users: Victimisation and offending
Michelle Torok, Shane Darke, Sharlene Kaye, Joanne Ross and Rebecca McKetin

31 (Not available)

30 : The bioprofiling of illicit drugs
Leigh Alexander Burgoyne, David Edward Arnold Catcheside and Kenneth Paul Kirkbride

29 (Not available)

28 : Predicting alcohol-related harms from licensed outlet density: A feasibility study
Tanya Chikritzhs, Paul Catalano, Richard Pascal and Naomi Henrickson

27 : Containing ecstasy: Analytical tools for profiling an illegal drug market
Greg Fowler, Stuart Kinner and Leigh Krenske

26 : Making sense of partnerships: A study of police and housing department collaboration for tackling drug and related problems on public housing estates
Keith Jacobs, Terry Burke, Meredith Green, Sherry Saggers, Ron Mason and Angela Barclay

25 : Estimating the short-term cost of police time spent dealing with alcohol-related crime in NSW
Neil Donnelly, Linda Scott, Suzanne Poynton, Don Weatherburn, Marian Shanahan and Frank Hansen

24 : Benzodiazepine and pharmaceutical opioid misuse and their relationship to crime: Northern Territory report
Bridie O'Reilly, Fiona Leibrick, Richard Chenhall and Damian Huxtable

23 : Benzodiazepine and pharmaceutical opioid misuse and their relationship to crime: Victorian report
Bronwyn Smith, Peter Miller, Briony O'Keefe and Craig Fry

22 : Benzodiazepine and pharmaceutical opioid misuse and their relationship to crime: Tasmanian report
Raimondo Bruno

21 : Benzodiazepine and pharmaceutical opioid misuse and their relationship to crime: National overview
Craig Fry, Bronwyn Smith, Raimondo Bruno, Briony O'Keefe and Peter Miller

20 : The impact of drugs on road crashes, assaults and other trauma - A prospective trauma toxicology study
William Griggs, David Caldicott, Jennifer Pfeiffer, Nicholas Edwards, Andrew Pearce and Michael Davey

19 : Impact of the heroin shortage: Additional research
Louisa Degenhardt and Carolyn Day

18 : Developing and implementing a performance measurement framework for drug law enforcement in Australia
Katie Willis, Peter Homel and Katie Gray

17 : An evaluation of the Standardised Field Sobriety Tests for the detection of impairment associated with cannabis with and without alcohol
Con Stough, Martin Boorman, Edward Ogden and Katherine Papafotiou

16 : Policing, volatile substance misuse, and Indigenous Australians
Dennis Gray, Gill Shaw, Peter d'Abbs, David Brooks, Anna Stearne, Anne Mosey and Catherine Spooner

15 & 15A : The policing implications of cannabis, amphetamine & other illicit drug use in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities
Brendan Delahunty and Judy Putt

14 : Characteristics and dynamics of cocaine supply and demand in Sydney and Melbourne
James Shearer, Jennifer Johnston, Sharlene Kaye, Paul Dillon and Linette Collins

13 : The Sydney methamphetamine market: Patterns of supply, use, personal harms and social consequences
Rebecca McKetin, Jennifer McLaren and Erin Kelly

12 : An evaluation of the impact of changes to cannabis law in WA - Summary of year 1 findings
Simon Lenton, Francoise Chanteloup, James Fetherston, Adam Sutton, David Hawks, Monica Barratt and Fiona Farringdon

11 (Not available)

10 : Psycho-stimulant use, health and criminal activity among injecting heroin users
Craig Jones, Don Weatherburn, Karen Freeman and Richard Matthews

9 : The governance of illicit synthetic drugs
Adrian Cherney, Juani O'Reilly and Peter Grabosky

8 (Not available)

7 (Not available)

6 : The course and consequences of the heroin shortage in Victoria
Paul Dietze, Peter Miller, Susan Clemens, Sharon Matthews, Stuart Gilmour and Linette Collins

5 : The course and consequences of the heroin shortage in South Australia
Adam Harrison, Paul Christie, Marie Longo, Sophie Pointer and Robert Ali

4 : The course and consequences of the heroin shortage in NSW
Louisa Degenhardt and Carolyn Day

3 : The causes, course and consequences of the heroin shortage in Australia
Louisa Degenhardt, Carolyn Day and Wayne Hall

2 : The role of police in preventing and minimising illicit drug use and its harms
Catherine Spooner, Mark McPherson and Wayne Hall

1 : The methamphetamine situation in Australia: A review of routine data sources
Rebecca McKetin and Jennifer McLaren

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