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NDLERF Research Bulletins

National Drug Law Enforcement Research Fund

2013 - 2018

7 : Alcohol/drug-involved family violence in Australia (ADIVA) - Research bulletin
Richelle Mayshak, Elise Cox, Beth Costa, Arlene Walker, Shannon Hyder, Andrew Day, Kerri Coomber, Nicholas Taylor and Peter Miller

6 : Drug and alcohol intoxication and subsequent harm in night-time entertainment districts (DASHED) - Research bulletin
Richelle Mayshak, Anthony Morgan, Amy Peacock, Nicholas Taylor, Nicolas Droste, Kerri Coomber, Elise Cox, Raimondo Bruno and Peter Miller

5 : Policing and pathways to diversion and care among vulnerable young people who use alcohol and other drugs: Summary of report
Rachael Green, Joanne Bryant, Rebecca Gray, Rebecca Brown, David Best, Jake Rance and Sarah MacLean

4 : Trafficking in multiple commodities: Exposing Australia's poly-drug and poly-criminal networks
Caitlin Hughes, Jenny Chalmers, David Bright and Michael McFadden

3 : Interventions for reducing alcohol supply, alcohol demand and alcohol-related harms
Peter Miller, Ashlee Curtis, Tanya Chikritzhs, Steve Allsop and John Toumbourou

2 : Drink driving among Indigenous Australians in outer regional and remote communities and development of a drink driving program: A summary of findings and recommendations
Michelle Fitts and Gavan Palk

1 : Impacts of public drinking laws
Amy Pennay, Elizabeth Manton, Michael Savic, Michael Livingston, Sharon Matthews and Belinda Lloyd


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