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NDLERF Monographs

National Drug Law Enforcement Research Fund

2004 - 2017

Research summaries are available for monograph numbers 1-34.

70 : The online environment: A precursor to illicit synthetic drug law enforcement
Nigel Phair

69 : Cloud authentication and forensics
Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo and Jill Slay (editors)

68 : Alcohol/drug-involved family violence in Australia (ADIVA)
Peter Miller, Elise Cox, Beth Costa, Richelle Mayshak, Arlene Walker, Shannon Hyder, Lorraine Tonner and Andrew Day
Key findings

67 : Drug and Alcohol intoxication and Subsequent Harm in night-time Entertainment Districts (DASHED)
Peter Miller, Raimondo Bruno, Anthony Morgan, Richelle Mayshak, Elise Cox, Kerri Coomber, Nicolas Droste, Nicholas Taylor, Nicolette Dimitrovski, Amy Peacock, Hayley Boxall and Isabella Voce
Executive summary

66 : Australian police diversion for cannabis offences: Assessing program outcomes and cost-effectiveness
Marian Shanahan, Caitlin Hughes and Tim McSweeney

65 : Managing intoxicated offenders: Best practice in responding to individuals affected by drugs and alcohol
Georgina Fuller, Susan Goldsmid and Rick Brown

64 : Policing and pathways to diversion and care among vulnerable young people who use alcohol and other drugs
Rachael Green, Joanne Bryant, Rebecca Gray, David Best, Jake Rance and Sarah MacLean

63 : Stimulant use transitions and harm mitigation responses: Analysis of a qualitative data set
Ellen Leslie, Andrew Smirnov, Jake Najman and John Scott

62 : Trafficking in multiple commodities: Exposing Australia's poly-drug and poly-criminal networks
Caitlin Hughes, Jenny Chalmers, David Bright and Michael McFadden

61 : Drug Use Monitoring in Australia (DUMA) : An expansion into the Pilbara, Western Australia
Natalie Gately, Suzanne Ellis and Robyn Morris

60 : Consequences of concurrent amphetamine-type stimulant (ATS) and alcohol use by young adults: Offending behaviour, victimisation and other harms
Andrew Smirnov, Ellen Leslie, Robert Kemp and Jake Najman

59 : Social supply of cannabis in Australia
Jodie Grigg, Simon Lenton, John Scott and Monica Barratt

58 : Understanding and describing Australian illicit drug markets: Drug price variations and associated changes in a cohort of people who inject drugs
Nick Scott, Jonathan Caulkins, Alison Ritter and Paul Dietze

57 : Interventions for reducing alcohol supply, alcohol demand and alcohol-related harm: Final report
Peter Miller, Ashlee Curtis, Tanya Chikritzhs and John Toumbourou
Executive summary

56 : Off-site outlets and alcohol-related harm
William Gilmore, Wenbin Liang, Paul Catalano, Richard Pascal, Annabel Broyd, Eveline Lensvelt, Garry Kirby and Tanya Chikritzhs
Executive summary

55 : Development of a drink driving program for regional and remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities: Final report
Michelle Fitts and Gavan Palk

54 : An empirical basis for the ratio of crowd controllers to patrons
Robert Harris, Deborah Edwards, Peter Homel and Georgina Fuller

53 : Supply-side reduction policy and drug-related harm
Wai-Yin Wan, Don Weatherburn, Grant Wardlaw, Vasilis Sarafidis and Grant Sara

52 : Targeting the profits of illicit drug trafficking through proceeds of crime action
Michael McFadden, Martin O'Flaherty, Paul Boreham and Michele Haynes

51 (Not available)

50 : Innovative solutions for enhanced illicit drugs profiling using comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography and mass spectrometry technologies
Philip Marriott and Blagoj Mitrevski

49 : Prohibiting public drinking in an urban area: Determining the impacts on police, the community and marginalised groups
Amy Pennay, Elizabeth Manton, Michael Savic, Michael Livingston, Sharon Matthews and Belinda Lloyd

48 : Policing alcohol and illicit drug use among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in metropolitan environments
Tracy Cussen, Jason Payne and David Marks

47 : The prevention of trauma reactions in police officers: Decreasing reliance on drugs and alcohol
Grant Devilly and Tracey Varker

46 : Patron Offending and Intoxication in Night-Time Entertainment Districts (POINTED)
Peter Miller, Amy Pennay, Nicolas Droste, Rebecca Jenkinson, Brendan Quinn, Tanya Chikritzhs, Stephen Tomsen, Phillip Wadds, Sandra Jones, Darren Palmer, Lance Barrie, Tina Lam, William Gilmore and Dan Lubman
Executive summary

45 : Alcohol, assault and licensed premises in inner-city areas: Scoping studies and baseline data collection for an evaluation of best-practice policing interventions augmented by collaboration with emergency medicine and local community agencies to reduce alcohol-related assault
Alan Clough, Charmaine Hayes-Jonkers and Edward Pointing

44 : Evaluating drug law enforcement interventions directed towards methamphetamine in Australia
Alison Ritter, David Bright and Wendy Gong

43 : Dealing with alcohol-related harm and the night-time economy (DANTE): Final report
Peter Miller, Jennifer Tindall, Anders Sonderlund, Daniel Groombridge, Christophe Lecathelinais, Karen Gillham, Emma McFarlane, Florentine de Groot, Nicolas Droste, Amy Sawyer, Darren Palmer, Ian Warren and John Wiggers
Executive summary

42 : Assessment of the utility of obtaining human profiles from drug seizures: Final report
Leigh Burgoyne, David Catcheside, Paul Kirkbride and C. Pearman

41 : Evaluating the deterrent effect of random breath testing (RBT) and random drug testing (RDT) - The driver's perspective: Research findings
Katherine Papafotiou Owens and Martin Boorman

40 : Law enforcement and khat: An analysis of current issues
Heather Douglas, Merali Pedder and Nicholas Lintzeris

39 : Reducing the methamphetamine problem in Australia: Evaluating innovative partnerships between police, pharmacies and other third parties
Janet Ransley, Lorraine Mazerolle, Matt Manning, Ingrid McGuffog, Jacqueline Drew and Julianne Webster

38 : Drink or drunk: Why do staff at licensed premises continue to serve patrons to intoxication despite current laws and interventions? Final report
D. Costello, A. Robertson and M. Ashe

37 : Opioid substitution treatment in prison and post-release: Effects on criminal recidivism and mortality
Sarah Larney, Barbara Toson, Lucy Burns and Kate Dolan

36 (Not available)

35 : Illicit drug laboratories and the environment
Raktim Pal, Megharaj Mallavarapu, Ravi Naidu and Paul Kirkbride

34 : Developing the capacity and skills for national implementation of a drug law enforcement performance measurement framework
Katie Willis, Peter Homel and Jessica Anderson

Companion documents to no. 34:

33 : An investigation into the influx of Indigenous 'visitors' to Darwin's Long Grass from remote NT communities - Phase 2. Being undesirable: law, health and life in Darwin's Long Grass
Catherine Holmes and Eva McRae-Williams

32 : Comparative rates of violent crime amongst methamphetamine and opioid users: Victimisation and offending
Michelle Torok, Shane Darke, Sharlene Kaye, Joanne Ross and Rebecca McKetin

31 : Enhancing the implementation and management of drug diversion strategies in Australian law enforcement agencies: The cases of South Australia Police, Tasmania Police and Victoria Police during the period 2000-2005
Aynsley Kellow, Robert Hall, Matthew Richman, Megan Alessandrini, Marnie Bower, Roberta Julian and Rob White

30 : The bioprofiling of illicit drugs
Leigh Burgoyne, David Catcheside and Kenneth Paul Kirkbride

29 : Application of new DNA markers for forensic examination of Cannabis sativa seizures - Developmental validation of protocols and a genetic database
Christopher Howard, Simon Gilmore, James Robertson and Rod Peakall

28 : Predicting alcohol-related harms from licensed outlet density: A feasibility study
Tanya Chikritzhs, Paul Catalano, Richard Pascal and Naomi Henrickson

27 : Containing ecstasy: analytical tools for profiling an illegal drug market
Greg Fowler, Stuart Kinner and Leigh Krenske

26 : Making sense of partnerships: A study of police and housing department collaboration for tackling drug and related problems on public housing estates
Keith Jacobs, Terry Burke, Meredith Green, Sherry Saggers, Ron Mason and Angela Barclay

25 : Estimating the short-term cost of police time spent dealing with alcohol-related crime in NSW
Neil Donnelly, Linda Scott, Suzanne Poynton, Don Weatherburn, Marian Shanahan and Frank Hansen

24 : Benzodiazepine and pharmaceutical opioid misuse and their relationship to crime: An examination of illicit prescription drug markets in Melbourne, Hobart and Darwin - Northern Territory report
Bridie O'Reilly, Fiona Leibrick, Damian Huxtable and Richard Chenhall

23 : Benzodiazepine and pharmaceutical opioid misuse and their relationship to crime: An examination of illicit prescription drug markets in Melbourne, Hobart and Darwin - Victorian report
Bronwyn Smith, Peter Miller, Briony O'Keefe and Craig Fry

22 : Benzodiazepine and pharmaceutical opioid misuse and their relationship to crime: An examination of illicit prescription drug markets in Melbourne, Hobart and Darwin - Tasmanian report
Raimondo Bruno

21 : Benzodiazepine and pharmaceutical opioid misuse and their relationship to crime: An examination of illicit prescription drug markets in Melbourne, Hobart and Darwin - National overview report
Craig Fry, Bronwyn Smith, Raimondo Bruno, Briony O'Keefe and Peter Miller

20 : The impact of drugs on road crashes, assaults and other trauma - a prospective trauma toxicology study
William Griggs, David Caldicott, Jennifer Pfeiffer, Nicholas Edwards, Andrew Pearce and Michael Davey

19 : Impact of the heroin shortage: Additional research
Louisa Degenhardt and Carolyn Day

18 : Developing and implementing a performance measurement framework for drug law enforcement in Australia
Katie Willis, Peter Homel and Katie Gray

17 : An evaluation of the Standardised Field Sobriety Tests for the detection of impairment associated with cannabis with and without alcohol
Con Stough, Martin Boorman, Edward Ogden and Katherine Papafotiou

16 : Policing, volatile substance misuse, and Indigenous Australians
Dennis Gray, Gill Shaw, Peter d'Abbs, David Brooks, Anna Stearne, Anne Mosey and Catherine Spooner

15 : The policing implications of cannabis, amphetamine and other illicit drug use in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities
Brendan Delahunty and Judy Putt

15a : Good practice framework: Policing illicit drugs in rural and remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities
Brendan Delahunty and Judy Putt

14 : Characteristics and dynamics of cocaine supply and demand in Sydney and Melbourne
James Shearer, Jennifer Johnston, Sharlene Kaye, Paul Dillon and Linette Collins

13 : The Sydney methamphetamine market: Patterns of supply, use, personal harms and social consequences
Rebecca McKetin, Jennifer McLaren and Erin Kelly

12 : An evaluation of the impact of changes to cannabis law in WA - Summary of the year 1 findings
Simon Lenton, Francoise Chanteloup, James Fetherston, Adam Sutton, David Hawks, Monica Barratt and Fiona Farringdon

11 : Determination of THC levels and variation in the physical appearance of cannabis (No PDF available)

10 : Psycho-stimulant use, health and criminal activity among injecting heroin users
Craig Jones, Don Weatherburn, Karen Freeman and Richard Matthews

9 : The governance of illicit synthetic drugs
Adrian Cherney, Juani O'Reilly and Peter Grabosky

8 (Not available)

7 (Not available)

6 : The course and consequences of the heroin shortage in Victoria
Paul Dietze, Peter Miller, Susan Clemens, Sharon Matthews, Stuart Gilmour and Linette Collins

5 : The course and consequences of the heroin shortage in South Australia
Adam Harrison, Paul Christie, Marie Longo, Sophie Pointer and Robert Ali

4 : The course and consequences of the heroin shortage in NSW
Louisa Degenhardt and Carolyn Day (editors)
Executive summary

3 : The causes, course and consequences of the heroin shortage in Australia
Louisa Degenhardt, Carolyn Day and Wayne Hall (editors)

2 : The role of police in preventing and minimising illicit drug use and its harms
Catherine Spooner, Mark McPherson and Wayne Hall

1 : The methamphetamine situation in Australia: A review of routine data sources (No PDF available)
Rebecca McKetin and Jennifer McLaren
Executive summary

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