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Armed robbery in Australia: 2008 National Armed Robbery Monitoring Program annual report | Acronyms

  • ABS Australian Bureau of Statistics
  • AIC Australian Institute of Criminology
  • ASOC Australian Standard Offence Classification
  • CCTV closed circuit television
  • NARMP National Armed Robbery Monitoring Program
  • OH&S occupational health and safety
  • RCV Recorded crime: Victims, Australia
  • Unspecified retail location—shopping centres, jewellers, pawn shops, gambling locations (TABs) and other retail locations not further defined
  • Public setting—recreational; transport-related including car parks, stations and carriages/vehicles for trains, buses and taxis; open spaces; and the street and footpath
  • Transport-related location—bus stops and train stations, car parks associated with these terminals and conveyances eg buses, trains and taxis
  • Banking and financial location—automatic teller machines not attached to banking and financial premises
  • Licensed premises location—licensed clubs, pubs, taverns nightclubs and bottle shops
  • Residential location—private and commercial residences, includes yards and external structures
  • Recreational location—sporting facilities excluding premises flagged as retail or licensed
  • Other weapon category—bottle/glass, bat/bar/club, chemical, explosive, axe, sledgehammer, crowbar/metal pipe, stun gun, sword, tools, drug, vehicle, bow, spear, rock, blunt instruments and other weapons not further defined

For a more detailed Glossary see the Technical Appendix at the back of this report.

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3 November 2017