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This compendium of the most recently available national information on crime in Australia is intended to serve as a ready reference. It covers different types of recorded crimes, their place of occurrence, victim details, responses of criminal justice agencies, and government resources directed to deal with crime.

Although the Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC) has been collecting and analysing data for the past 30 years, the availability of national statistics on major crimes is a relatively recent phenomenon. This publication makes use of those national statistics collected by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) as well as a variety of other sources.

The data here primarily comprise national figures; where national data are not available other sources are used. Readers looking for additional information should consult the appropriate publications and websites included in the reference section of this document.

The Australian Institute of Criminology prepares materials containing the latest data on crime and justice issues and produces a number of publications, from fact sheets to detailed reports, on a wide range of issues. Further information may be obtained by visiting the AIC website (www.aic.gov.au), or contacting the Institute.

Toni Makkai


December 2005

Last updated
3 November 2017