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Controlling behaviours of male partners


Findings from the Australian component of the International violence against women survey (IVAWS) have been presented in a report titled Women's experiences of male violence. The report not only outlines information on women as victims of male physical and sexual violence, but also reports on women's experiences of emotional abuse and controlling behaviours by male partners. Results from the analysis of IVAWS found that women who experience controlling behaviours are more likely to experience higher levels of violence. During the 12 months preceding the survey, about three per cent of women reported that they experienced any violence from a current intimate partner. In contrast, six per cent of women who experienced any controlling behaviours reported violence from a current intimate partner. Women whose current intimate partners damaged or destroyed property or possessions, reported levels of violence almost eight times higher during the previous 12 months than the average for current intimate partner violence in general (23% versus 3%).

Women's experiences of current intimate partner violence during the previous 12 months by controlling behaviours (n=5,074)



  • Mouzos J & Makkai T 2004. Women's experiences of male violence: findings from the Australian component of the international violence against women survey (IVAWS). Research and public policy series no 56 Canberra: Australian Institute of Criminology

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