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Persons in prison custody


The publication Corrective Services Australia from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, presents information on persons in custody and community based corrections. In the June quarter 2003, the average daily number of prisoners in Australia was 22,507, an increase of 322 (1 per cent) on the March quarter 2003. This is the highest level on a quarterly basis since the collection commenced in March quarter 1998. Furthermore, the average daily number of prisoners has increased by 1020 (5 per cent) since the June quarter 2001. Nationally the average daily imprisonment rate was 149 prisoners per 100,000 adult population during the June quarter 2003. This was an increase of 2 per cent from the rate recorded in the June quarter 2001.

Persons in prison custody, June 2001 to June 2003



  • Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2003, Corrective Services Australia, June Quarter 2003, Catalogue no. 4512.0, ABS, Canberra.

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2003. Persons in prison custody. Crime facts info no. 63. Canberra: Australian Institute of Criminology. https://aic.gov.au/publications/cfi/cfi063