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Latest additions to the bibliographic database


The following new titles have been added to the growing collection of arson-related literature that can be found in the searchable bibliographic database. In addition to these titles, the database provides access to major bushfire arson news articles.

  • Almond L, Duggan L, Shine J & Canter D. 2005. Test of the arson action system model in an incarcerated population. Psychology, crime & law 11(1): 1-15.
  • Becker KD, Stuewig J, Herrera VM & McCloskey L. 2004. A study of firesetting and animal cruelty in children: Family influences and adolescent outcomes. Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry 43(7): 905-912.
  • de Ronde C. 2002. Wildland fire-related fatalities in South Africa: A 1994 case study and looking back at the year 2001. In Viegas DX (ed) Forest fire research and wildland fire safety Rotterdam: MillPress pp1-7.
  • Perrin-Walqvist R & Norlander T. 2003. Firesetting and playing with fire during childhood and adolescence: interview studies of 18-year-old male draftees and 18-19-year-old female pupils. Legal and criminological psychology 8(2): 151-157.
  • Putnam CT & Kirkpatrick JT. 2005. Juvenile firesetting: A research overview. Juvenile justice bulletin May: 1-8.
  • Rella R, Sturaro A, Parvoli G and Ferrara D. 2005. A brush fire forensic case. Science & justice 45(1): 29-34.
  • Santtila P, Hkknen H & Fritzon K. 2003. Inferring the characteristics of an arsonist from crime scene actions: A case study in offender profiling. International journal of police science and management 5(1): 1-15.
  • Schlesinger LB. 2004. Classification of antisocial behaviour for prognostic purposes: Study the motivation, not the crime. The journal of psychiatry & law 32(2): 191-219. Slawiak BA & Albrecht GT, Pierce JD. 2002. Arson on trial: A matter of evidence. Today's insurance professionals 59 Winter.
  • Soothill K, Ackerly E & Francis B. 2004. The criminal careers of arsonists. Medicine, science and the law 44(1): 27-40.
  • Walsh D, Lambie I & Stewart M. 2004. Sparking up: Family, behavioral and empathy factors in adolescent firesetters. American journal of forensic psychology 22(1): 5-32.
  • Williams D & Clements P. 2005. Fire and behavior: Exploring intrapsychic trauma in arson survivors. Issues in mental health nursing 26: 299-310.
  • Zipper P & Wilcox D. 2005. Juvenile arson: The importance of early intervention. FBI law enforcement bulletin 74(4): 1-9.

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