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Women Prisoners in Victoria


A Review of the Nature and Size of Facilities Needed

This is the second of two reports prepared at the request of the Victorian Minister for Community Welfare Services, The Honourable Pauline Toner, MLA. The first report 'Remand in Victoria: A Review of the Nature and Size of Facilities Needed 1 was submitted to the Minister on 7 October 1982. The proposal for these reports to be prepared was originally conveyed to the writer by the Director-General of the Department of Community Welfare Services, Mr Ben Bodna, on 26 May 1982, and the Board of Management of the Australian Institute of Criminology gave its approval for the project to proceed at its meeting of 8 June 1982. The Board suggested, however, that the reports should include data relevant to jurisdictions other than Victoria, and as far as possible this has been done.

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