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Video viewing patterns: a preliminary investigation

Australian Institute of Criminology

This study was concerned with examining the video viewing trends of customers of two video outlets. Store 1 was in a 'typical' Canberra suburb whilst store 2 was a 'typical' non-rural town of New South Wales.

Two time periods were compared - January and July 1984; and January 1984 and June/July 1986. A comparison of the first time period examined showed that:

  • PG (at 21.26 per cent) and M-rated (at over 30 per cent) videos maintained a constant share of the market
  • G-rated video share of the market decreased (no doubt owing to school holiday periods)
  • R-rated market shares decreased in both stores, and X-rated video market shares rose in store 1¬†and dropped in store 2 (media, political and public focus on these videos seems the most reasonable explanation for these trends).

The second time period of comparison January 1984 and June/July 1986 saw differing hiring patterns from the first time period for R and X-rated videos.

A joint project by the Attorney-General's Department and the Australian Institute of Criminology.

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Brooks T, Fox D, Wilson P, Walters A & Pope T 1986. Video viewing patterns: a preliminary investigation. Archive. Canberra: Australian Institute of Criminology. https://aic.gov.au/publications/archive/video-viewing-patterns