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Crime and justice in Australia

Australian Institute of Criminology

The report contains the most up-to-date national figures available on crime and the criminal justice system, or the most representative state figures where national figures are not available. It tries to answer such questions as: How much crime is there? Who does it affect? When and where does it happen? Who are the major offenders? How does the criminal justice system - the police, the courts and corrective services - react to crime? What happens to convicted offenders? What does it all cost?

Oversized file (38MB). Please contact the front.desk [at] aic.gov.au (subject: Access%20to%20AIC%20publication%3A%20Crime%20and%20justice%20in%20Australia%20(1990%20edition)) (AIC Library) for access.

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Mukherjee S, Neuhaus D & Walker J 1990. Crime and justice in Australia. Archive. Canberra: Australian Institute of Criminology. https://aic.gov.au/publications/archive/crime-and-justice-in-australia_1990