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Australian prison trends

Australian Institute of Criminology

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Australian prison trends Nos. 1 to 200

Australian prison trends Nos. 1 to 200 (pdf 2MB)

May 1976 to January 1993

This publication is based on data obtained from the first 200 issues of Australian Prison Trends, which has been published monthly by the Australian Institute of Criminology since May 1976. It includes an introduction by David Biles, Deputy Director of the Aastralian Institute of Criminology, which reviews the developments and improvements in the collection over this 17-year-period.

ISBN 0 642 19797 0
Sue Salloom, David Biles, John Walker

Australian prison trends Nos. 1 to 100

Australian prison trends Nos. 1 to 100 (pdf 3.8MB)

May 1976 to September 1984

This publication comprises copies of the first 100 statistical bulletins, Australian Prison Trends, which have been published by the Australian Institute of Criminology each month since May 1976. The consolidation of these bulletins is, to some extent, of historical interest, as it places in convenient form a large collection of otherwise scattered statistical information, but it also may be of interest in that it demonstrates how a statistical collection develops and extends over time. Thus this publication can be seen as a case study of an evolutionary approach to the improvement of criminal justice statistics.

ISBN 0 642 07345 7
Compiled by David Biles Assisted by Marjorie Johnson

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