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AIC crime & criminal justice information service

The latest crime and justice alerts are now available on our new catalogue at http://library.aic.gov.au.

Wherever possible, open access to full text documents are provided, but for licensing reasons, they cannot be given for most journal articles. Please contact your own library for any items that are not freely available - we are happy to help them with inter-library loans if needed. 

For further assistance please email front.desk [at] aic.gov.au

A selection of new key reports, books, journal articles and websites. All items are available on interlibrary loan through the JV Barry Library. Please contact your own library for assistance. You can be notified of new alerts, by RSS or email. If you are unable to receive RSS alerts, contact the front.desk [at] aic.gov.au (library) to receive updates by email.

The AIC crime & criminal justice information service  alert is issued monthly and includes material from all the categories below.

Individual subject alerts are also issued monthly.

Last updated
30 August 2017