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Workplace Diversity Policy and Action Plan 2015-2018

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Introduction from the Director

The Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC) is Australia's national research and knowledge centre on crime and justice. The Institute seeks to promote justice and reduce crime by undertaking and communicating high quality, evidence-based criminological research to inform policy and practice.

To produce high quality relevant research relies on a productive and diverse work environment - a work environment that values and utilises the different skills, attributes, backgrounds and talents that staff bring to their roles and reflects the Australian community.

This Workplace Diversity Policy and Action Plan is the catalyst for supporting a culture where our diversity is fully valued and utilised.  The Policy seeks to embed the principles and practices of diversity as an integral part of the AIC’s core business targets and provide some specific strategies to assist us in reaching this goal. 

As an employer and leader, I recognise that our staff, with their diverse abilities, skills, languages, cultures and backgrounds, are our greatest resource. 

All AIC employees have a responsibility to make sure that our workplace is one that respects, recognises, encourages, values and utilises diversity.  Each of us must take responsibility for working co-operatively with each other in a professional and respectful manner and for valuing and encouraging different perspectives and experience.

We should speak up when we believe inappropriate behaviour occurs, take complaints seriously and address incidents of workplace harassment quickly and effectively.

At the AIC we are committed to fostering diversity and encouraging success. While the Workplace Diversity Policy and Action Plan identifies key responsibilities and actions, the AIC's ongoing success is the collective responsibility of all employees and I encourage all staff to integrate the principles of workplace diversity into their daily activities and attitude and see the outcome of achieving enjoyment and balance in their working lives. I also encourage staff to familiarise themselves with the initiatives contained within the Action Plan and to work together to improve the workplace for individuals and therefore enhance the overall performance of the AIC.

Dr Adam Tomison
Director (Chief Executive)

Last updated
29 August 2017