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Agency Multicultural Plan for 2013-2015

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Our Agency:

The Australian Institute of Criminology (the AIC) is Australia's national research and knowledge centre on crime and justice. The Institute seeks to promote justice and reduce crime by undertaking and communicating evidence-based research to inform policy and practice.

The functions of the AIC include conducting criminological research; communicating the results of research; conducting or arranging conferences and seminars; and publishing material arising out of the AIC's work. In conducting research the Institute engages with members of Australia’s diverse community through direct engagement and communication of research results/ outcomes.

Our vision for Multicultural Access and Equity Policy:

The AIC’s vision for the Multicultural Access and Equity Policy is to enhance the knowledge and capacity in matters relating to Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) employees, stakeholders and communities. The AIC aims to provide research and policy advice that accurately reflects the experience of the diverse Australian community and engages with the whole Australian nation.
The AIC will aim to better inform the programs, policies and services developed in other agencies for people from a CALD background by strengthening the availability of data, evidence, analysis and research that includes material collected in an appropriate way from the CALD community.

Our Agency Multicultural Plan (AMP)

The AMP aims to ensure that Institute staff, contractors and service delivery partners understand and are committed to Multicultural Access and Equity implementation. The Deputy Director Corporate is responsible for the AMP.

Who is the Multicultural Access and Equity Policy target group?

While the general principle of Multicultural Access and Equity Policy applies to all groups in the community within this broad target group, there are some migrants who need a greater level of responsiveness to their particular circumstances. These include:

  • Migrants with low levels of English proficiency
  • Refugees and humanitarian entrants
  • Visibly different migrants
  • Newly arrived refugee and migrants with limited knowledge about Australian law, values and culture
  • Refugees and migrants who experience issues accessing services due to age, disability or for cultural reasons.

AMP reporting

Agency level reporting: The AIC will report annually at the agency level through the annual report. The AIC will report against the KPIs it has committed to in the current AMP.

Performance audits: The Auditor-General may undertake periodic performance audits of selected groups of agencies in meeting their obligations under Multicultural Access and Equity.

Whole-of-government reporting: DIAC will consolidate performance reporting across all Australian Government agencies at the completion of the AMP cycle (i.e. every two years) preparing a biennial report on Multicultural Access and Equity performance in cooperation with the Australian Multicultural Council (AMC). This report will include any available reports by the Auditor-General, and be presented to the Minister for Multicultural Affairs and tabled in both Houses of Parliament.

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29 August 2017