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Presenter/keynote: Gary Lewis
Event type: Seminar
Year: 2010-08-17
Subjects: Organised and transnational crime
Mr Lewis will discuss UNODCís perspectives on responding to human security threats in East Asia and the Pacific. The presentation will draw on the UNODC World Drug Report and the Transnational Organised Crime Threat Assessment.
... :30 AM 17 August 2010 Gary Lewis Regional Representative, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) Regional Centre for East Asia and the Pacific Download seminar ...
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Presenter/keynote: Daniel Ragsdale, Shayne Neumann, Roger Wilkins, Ian Stewart, Jason Clare, John Lawler, Michael Sachs, Mike Pezzullo, Jeremy Douglas, Russell Smith
Event type: Conference
Year: 2013-07-29
Subjects: Organised crime
The Australian Institute of Criminology is pleased to announce that it is partnering with the Australian Crime Commission to hold its 2nd International Serious and Organised Crime Conference (ISOC) 2013 at the Brisbane Convention Centre from July 29-30, 2013, following on from the first successful ISOC held in Melbourne in 2010. Current and fut...
... Moss, Integrity Commissioner, Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity Illegal dealing in legal drugs ó A serious and organised crime law enforcement dilemma Mr Robert Bromwich SC, Commonwealth ...
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Presenter/keynote: Adam Tomison, Mathew Lyneham, Jason Payne, Alice Hutchings, Rick Brown, Lauren Renshaw, Janine Chandler
Event type: Student forum
Year: 2011-07-06
Subjects: Drug trafficking
The Australian Institute of Criminology hosted a free one-day forum for students studying criminology and related disciplines. The forum gave students the chance to hear from some of the Institute's leading criminologists in the areas of drug crime, trafficking, crime prevention, cybercrime and more, as well as provide an insight into the diffe...
... the chance to hear from some of the Institute's leading criminologists in the areas of drug crime, trafficking, crime prevention, cybercrime and more, as well as provide ...
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Presenter/keynote: Howard B Kaplan
Event type: Seminar
Year: 2002-07-03
Subjects: Young people
A model explaining substance use is estimated using data from a multigenerational longitudinal study of 2400 biologically related parent-adolescent pairs
... , social learning, and social control perspectives. Second generation (G2) adolescent drug use is explained in terms of parental psychological distress, parental drug use, neglectful ...
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Event type: Conference
Year: 2009-
... Wendy Cochrane, Queensland Police Service Working to help young people to get away from drugs and crime in Ilpurla Tristan Ray, Central Australian Youth Link Up Service, Northern ...
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Event type: Conference
Year: 2000-
Subjects: Crime prevention
... Frank Morgan and John Fernandez, Crime Research Centre, University of Western Australia Mapping drug overdose in Adelaide (PDF 545kB) Danielle Taylor, GIS Specialist, GISCA, ...
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... and limitations of techniques. About the presenter Dr Santiago Vazquez is head of the Drug Toxicology Unit (DTU) part of the NSW Forensic and Analytical Science Service ( ...
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Presenter/keynote: Nicole French
Event type: Seminar
Year: 2004-04-07
This research interviewed 20 Australasian undercover police officers to investigate and identify the transitional issues officer may experience as they return to mainstream policing. This presentation will a) profile two distinct paths through which officers experience re-integration and b) identify key social-psychological processes underlying...
... a Post-doctoral Research Fellow position at Queensland University of Technology as funded by the National Drug Law Enforcement Fund. Nicole has held teaching positions at QUT and University of Queensland ...
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Event type: Conference
Year: 2001-
Subjects: Young people
... , Rural Health Unit, Department of Health and Human Services, Tasmania National Illicit Drug Strategy: strengthening and supporting families coping with illicit drug Skye Fraser, Coordinator, ...
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Event type: Conference
Year: 1999-
Subjects: Criminal justice system
... discuss corrections, police and the community, Indigenous issues, the colonial era, drug law enforcement, and comparative international perspectives. The proceedings of this conference were published ...
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