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Presenter/keynote: Dr Serge Brochu 
Event type: Seminar
Year: 2010-05-27
Subjects: Illicit drugs
Providing heroin to drug addicts at medically-supervised clinics does not pose risks to surrounding neighbourhoods according to a new study by Serge Brochu, a researcher at the Universitéde Montréal School of Criminology. Brochu found that the Montreal leg of the NAOMI project (North American Opiate Medication Initiative), did not have a negati...
... 12:00 PM 27 May 2010 Dr Serge Brochu Presentation overview Providing heroin to drug addicts at medically-supervised clinics does not pose risks to surrounding neighbourhoods according to a new ...
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Event type: Conference
Year: 2002-09-12
Subjects: Crime prevention
... crime prevention through social development; early intervention; juvenile delinquency prevention; diversion; drugs and alcohol; evaluation and evidence-based practice; community education; property crime; domestic ...
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Event type: Conference
Year: 2003-
Subjects: Juvenile justice
This conference was hosted by the Australian Institute of Criminology in conjunction with the Department of Juvenile Justice, New South Wales.
... practice Factors which inform police Discretion in the use of diversionary options to enforce juvenile drug use law (ABSTRACT ONLY) Tony Foley, Australan National University Young offenders, ...
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Event type: Conference
... Technology also facilitates traditional forms of transnational crime such as money laundering and trafficking in drugs and firearms. It is estimated that money laundering accounts for something like 2 to ...
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Event type: Conference
Year: 1993-
Subjects: Criminal justice system
... relating to medicine including: medical standards; the medical profession; expert evidence; drugs; abortion; AIDS and coronership; euthanasia; IVF and reproductive technologies; mental ...
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Event type: Conference
Year: 2002-
Subjects: Crime and the community
... Eyes on the street' Leanne Malcolm, City of Greater Dandenong, Victoria Illicit drug use and public housing A wasting resource: public housing and drug use in inner ...
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Presenter/keynote: Juma Assiago, Jon Bright, Mike Scott, Sharon Payne, Rick Brown, Ross Homel, Annette Michaux
Event type: Conference
Year: 2012-06-04
Subjects: Crime prevention
The Australian Institute of Criminology held an international conference on Crime Prevention and Communities at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre on 4 and 5 June 2012. Australian and International speakers will discuss social and environmental projects and programs; urban and community planning and safety; crime prevention and saf...
... longitudinal studies, communities using this strategy showed significantly lower rates of delinquency and youth drug use, higher levels of school engagement, better academic achievement and greater fidelity and ...
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Event type: Conference
Year: 2001-
Subjects: Crime prevention
... : response strategies (PDF 28kB) John McFarlane, Australian Defence Force Academy Illicit drugs and crime Drug Use Monitoring in Australia: Recent Trends in Drugs and Criminal Activity ...
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... 2011, Sydney Young people, risk and resilience: The challenges of alcohol, drugs and violence conference 07 March 2011, Melbourne 2010 International Serious and Organised Crime Conference ...
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Event type: Conference
Year: 1999-
... ; vocational education and training; programs tailored to Indigenous women; violence programs; drug and alcohol programs; sex offender programs; behaviour modification programs; alternatives to imprisonment ...
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