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Crime in the professions

Russell G Smith (ed.)
ISBN 0 7546 2291 6
Ashgate PublishingJuly 2002


Crime in the Professions critically examines the nature and extent of crime and deviance in the professions and how it should be dealt with. The increasing professionalization of the work force and the changes in the way in which professionals carry out their work, such as through the use of computing and communications technology, have created new opportunities for professionals to break the law. Looking in detail at the nature and extent of crime committed by professionals such as doctors, accountants and nurses the book offers some innovative solutions on preventing and controlling professional crime. In addition to examining the nature and extent of crime in the professions, it also addresses some critical issues of regulation for the future, concerning new and emerging professional groups and issues relating to emerging technologies.


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This publication can be ordered from the Ashgate website: Crime in the professions.