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Migrant sex workers in Australia

Research and Public Policy Series no.131

Lauren Renshaw, Jules Kim, Janelle Fawkes, Elena Jeffreys
ISBN - ISSN 1836-2079
Canberra: Australian Institute of Criminology, November 2015

Abstract | In this report the Australian Institute of Criminology, in partnership with Scarlet Alliance, the Australian Sex Workers Association, presents one of the first pieces of research specifically conducted on the work and migration experiences of migrant sex workers in Australia. Surveying a large sample of migrant and non-migrant sex workers across a range of states and territories in Australia, the study has enabled an assessment to be made of the demographic profile, work conditions and access to services of migrant sex workers. It contrasts and compares the experiences of migrant sex workers with those of Australian-born sex workers. The migration experiences and motivations of respondents for migrating to Australia are also documented and the possible pathways migrants may take in engaging in sex work are described, along with an analysis of the specific needs and services required by this group.