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Proceedings of Roundtable on Sentencing and Indigenous Peoples convened by the Australian Institute of Criminology and the University of South Australia, on 31 October 1997

Research and public policy series no. 16

Rick Sarre and Digby Wilson (eds.)
ISBN 0 642 24077 9 ISSN 1326-6004
Canberra: Australian Institute of Criminology, June 1998


This roundtable was developed from the need to review sentencing practices in relation to Indigenous people, and in particular to revisit the processes which led to Indigenous people being incarcerated at a much higher rate than non Indigenous people. The papers discuss the adequacy of consideration being given to non custodial sentences; the place of customary law in sentencing; the need for better coordination of services to Indigenous peoples; and the training of professionals in the criminal justice system in cross culture communication.