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Drug use monitoring in Australia: 2009–10 report on drug use among police detainees

Monitoring report no.17

Josh Sweeney and Jason Payne
ISBN 978 1 922009 01 2 ISSN 1836-2079
Canberra: Australian Institute of Criminology, March 2012


The Drug Use Monitoring in Australia (DUMA) program is a key research initiative of the Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC) that provides unique and up to date information on the consumption of drugs within Australia. The provision of this information to law enforcement and policy agencies represents a significant contribution to sustaining a quality evidence base that supports the development and implementation of effective approaches to reduce the supply, demand and harms associated with drug use.

The report is compiled by the Australian Institute of Criminology and examines drug use in alleged offenders through interviews and urine samples across nine police stations across the country.

The report found that two-thirds of the 5,714 police detainees who had provided a urine sample tested positive to at least one type of drug.

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