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Crime prevention conference

Media Release

23 November 2011

An international conference on contemporary tools to help crime prevention was today opened by the NSW Attorney General the Hon. Greg Smith in Sydney.

The conference is a partnership between the NSW department of Attorney General and Justice and the Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC) and focusses on spatial mapping, cost benefit analysis and other forms of economic analysis to analyse and evaluate crime.

Mr Smith said: “All Government agencies have a direct and indirect role to play in crime prevention. Housing, Health, Transport, and local government are working together every day, and examples of this collaboration are our work on the links between crime and public housing, and crime and public transport.

“Economics is a key component of program development, implementation and evaluation. An assessment of the cost-benefit of a particular program – the long-term benefit per invested dollar – has become a standard requirement of the NSW Government, and most governments internationally across the developed world.”

AIC Director, Dr Adam Tomison said: “It is a remarkable achievement that prevention is now recognized in policy as a key pillar of an effective criminal justice system alongside law enforcement, courts and corrections.

“What is even more remarkable is the way that crime prevention has actually led the way in the development of cutting edge methods and techniques for measuring policy and program effectiveness and growing the associated evidence base on what works to prevent and respond to crime.

“Those of us directly involved in the development of crime prevention as one of those key criminal justice pillars cannot help but be impressed, at times amazed,  by the growth in the sophistication and utility of the technologies which allow us to map, track and analyse crime trends or prevention programs.”

International speakers include: Steve Aos, the Director of the Washington State Institute for Public Policy, the non-partisan research arm of the Washington State legislature in the United States; and Professor Patricia Brantingham who is the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) University Professor of Computational Criminology as well as Director, Institute for Canadian Urban Research Studies, Simon Fraser University.

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