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The promise of crime prevention

Media Release

21 November 2000

Twenty-one of the most promising, best-practice crime prevention programs from Australia and around the world are identified in The Promise of Crime Prevention released today by the Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC).

"The first edition of this publication five years ago was a landmark contribution to crime prevention in Australia", Dr Adam Graycar, AIC Director, said today.

"Since then a great deal has happened in crime prevention both here and overseas, prompting us to produce this second edition", Dr Graycar said.

In particular, the AIC has sought to identify programs targeting significant concerns in Australia, including violence in the home, violence in and around licensed premises, break and enter of homes and businesses, and motor vehicle theft.

One of the essential criteria for inclusion in this collection was that the program had been evaluated and proven demonstrably successful in preventing crime.

"One of the unfortunate aspects of crime prevention in Australia has been the lack of systematic evaluation of most initiatives. But given the limited resources available for crime prevention, it is crucial that society's investment in crime control be evidence-based."

"We hope this publication will contribute to continued progress in crime prevention and in turn spawn new innovative crime prevention programs", Dr Graycar said.

The programs covered in The Promise of Crime Prevention by Fran Gant and Dr Peter Grabosky, include examples of situational crime prevention, developmental crime prevention, community crime prevention and prevention measures by criminal justice agencies.

The publication highlights successful programs from Australia, the UK, USA and Canada, including:

  • Cash Reduction and Robbery Prevention in the Victorian TAB
  • Reducing Pub Hopping and Associated Crime in Geelong
  • Tackling Subway Graffiti in New York City
  • Triple P: Positive Parenting Program, Queensland
  • PeaceBuilders: School Based Violence and Crime Prevention, Queensland
  • Preventing Motor Vehicle Theft in NSW
  • Reducing Domestic Violence and Repeat Victimisation, UK.