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Restoration for the victims of crime

Media Release

06 September 1999

An important conference being held this week will tackle an issue that directly affects over one million Australians each year and indirectly affects many more.

Restoration for Victims of Crime: Contemporary Challenges is being presented by the Australian Institute of Criminology and the Victims Referral and Assistance Service, 9-10 September at the Carlton Crest Hotel in Melbourne.

It will bring together experts in the crime, criminal justice and victim support fields to explore and exchange ideas and strategies on an issue of significant concern to the public.

The conference aims to increase knowledge and understanding of the challenges currently facing services for victims of crime and the criminal justice system, with particular emphasis on meeting the needs of a diverse community.

Topics to be covered include new research, therapy, international innovations, victim-offender mediation, diversionary conferencing, victimisation of children, court processes for child victims, community approaches, victims of fraud, legislation, government programs, sexual assault and future directions for victim support.

Key speakers include:

  • The Hon Senator, Amanda Vanstone, Minister for Justice and Customs
  • Dr Adam Graycar, Director, Australian Institute of Criminology
  • Paris Aristotle, Foundation for the Survivors of Torture
  • Dr Susan Herman, Executive Director, US National Center for Victims of Crime
  • Richard Titus, US National Institute of Justice
  • Anne Viney, Victim Support, UK
  • Laureen Outtrim, NZ Council of Victim Support Groups
  • Carol Soloff, National Centre for Crime and Justice Statistics, ABS
  • Heather Strang, Australian National University
  • Professor Yoko Hosoi, Toyo University, Japan.

A ground-breaking Australian Institute of Criminology report will also be released at the conference. Victims' Needs, Victims' Rights provides what is believed to be the first ever overview of services for victims of crime in Australia.