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New Trends and Issues in Crime and Criminal Justice

Media Release

02 April 1998

The Australian Institute of Criminology today released two papers in the series Trends and Issues in Crime & Criminal Justice.

  • Murder-Suicide in Australia by Carlos Carcach and P.N. Grabosky

    In his introduction, the Director, Dr Adam Graycar says: "Homicide is a relatively infrequent event in Australia. Homicides followed by the suicide of the perpetrator most often occur in the context of intimate and/or family relationships, and are more likely to involve firearms than are other categories of homicide."

    The paper suggests that policies designed to lessen the stresses occasioned by family dissolution, and to limit access to firearms by inappropriate persons may contribution to a reduction of murder-suicide, as well as to a reduction of the more common manifestations of violence in Australia.

  • Crime in a Shrinking World by P. N. Grabosky

    Australians now enjoy economic, cultural and recreational opportunities which were previously not available. However, the global village has its dark alleys. The rapid mobility of people, money, information, ideas, and commodities generally, has provided new opportunities for crime, and new challenges for law enforcement agencies. This paper reviews some of the major themes of crime and crime control in today's small world.