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Police will need to be 'brightest, best'

Media Release

26 November 1996

Increasing complexity in the world of crime will lead Australia's law enforcement agencies into a different role in the 21st century, according to a new study by the Australian Institute of Criminology.

Within a more privatised law enforcement environment, the challenges for police will be greater but community support for law enforcement may be weaker.

The role of the new police forces will be to monitor the overall crime control system and to fine-tune the diverse groups - public and private - which will take over many of the roles currently done by police in our community.

That role, says the Director of the AIC, Dr Adam Graycar, will require police forces to recruit the brightest and the best to be able to meet that challenge.

As a result of this new role, one area where police work will increase will be that of strategic intelligence.

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