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Victims of Crime: January 2012


Journal articles

  • Childhood and adolescent victimization and perpetration of sexual coercion by male and female university students / Manuel Gamez-Guadix, Murray A Straus and Scott L Hershberger
    Deviant behavior 32(8) Sep 2011: 712-742
    Summary: Examines the extent to which male and female university students use verbal sexual coercion and physically forced sex on a dating partner
  • Crime victims and sentencing : reflections on Borthwick / Tracey Booth
    Alternative law journal 36(4) 2011: 236-239
    Summary: Argues that, in order to maintain public confidence in the integrity of the criminal justice system, the sentencing court should respond to the interests of both the defendant and the victim
  • Exploring criminogenic need through victim apology letters II : an IPA analysis of post-treatment accounts of offending against children / Simon Duff
    Journal of aggression, conflict and peace research 3(4) 2011: 230-242
    Summary: Building on previous work, concerned with analysis of pre-treatment apology letters of men who have offended against children, the current research focuses on post-treatment apology letters of the same group of men.
  • From the voices of women : facilitating survivor access to IPV services / Catherine A Simmons, Melissa Farrar, Kitty Frazer and Mary Jane Thompson
    Violence against women 17(10) Oct 2011: 1226-1243
    Summary: Investigates why domestic violence victims do not seek help from formal support structures and how agencies can facilitate access to services
  • Repetitive intimate partner victimization : an exploratory application of social learning theory / John K Cochran, Christine S Sellers, Valerie Wiesbrock and Wilson R. Palacios
    Deviant behavior 32(9) Oct 2011: 790-817
    Summary: A study, based on a research literature on intimate partner violence, examines the extent to which measure of Akers' social learning constructs are able to predict repetitive intimate partner victimisation
  • Self-perceptions of stalking victimization and impacts on victim reporting / Julie Campbell and Robert Moore
    Police practice and research 12(6) Dec 2011: 506-517
    Summary: Study examines various stalking-related behaviours, whether exposure to these behaviours was related to respondents' self-perception of being a stalking victim and whether the crime would be reported to the police
  • Victimization, posttraumatic stress disorder symptomatology, and later nonsuicidal self-harm in a birth cohort / Shyamala Nada-Raja and Keren Skegg
    Journal of interpersonal violence 26(18) Dec 2011: 3667-3681
    Summary: Concludes pathways to no suicidal self-harm differed by sex from a population-based study examined pathways to no suicidal self-harm in relation to childhood sexual abuse, assault victimisation in early adulthood, posttraumatic stress disorder symptomatology, and other mental disorders
  • Violence, schools, and dropping out : racial and ethnic disparities in the educational consequence of student victimization / Anthony A Peguero and Suzanne Sunday
    Journal of interpersonal violence 26(18) Dec 2011: 3753-3772