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Victims of Crime: August 2011


Journal articles

  • Correlates of childhood sexual abuse and intimate partner sexual victimization / Ko Ling Chan
    Partner abuse : new directions in research, intervention and policy 2(3) 2011: 365-381
    Summary: Investigates the relationship between childhood sexual abuse and sexual intimate partner violence victimization among Chinese university students in Hong Kong, Beijing, and Shanghai
  • Predicting case conviction and domestic violence recidivism : measuring the deterrent effects of conviction and protection order violations / Durant Frantzen, Claudia San Miguel and Dae-Hoon Kwak
    Violence and victims 26(4) Aug 2011: 395-409
    Summary: Using data from local court records, this study examines the effect of protection order (PO) violation charges on the odds of case conviction relative to dismissal, and whether case conviction or a PO violation charge results in lower domestic violence rearrest rates compared to offenders not receiving these sanctions.
  • Understanding the use of violence among men who sustain intimate terrorism / Denise A Hines and Emily M Douglas
    Partner abuse : new directions in research, intervention and policy 2(3) 2011: 259-283
    Summary: Uses a sample of 302 men who sustained intimate terrorism from their female partners and sought help, with the results showed that victims who used physical intimate partner violence, in comparison with victims who did not, were younger and were more likely to abuse alcohol
  • Victim impact statements : redefining "victim" / Ashley Smith
    Criminal law quarterly 57(2-3) Jun 2011: 345-369
    Summary: This article has attempted to touch on several very important aspects of victim impact statements, particularly those that involves the sentencing hearing.
  • Victim impact statements in child sexual assault cases : a restorative role or restrained rhetoric? / Rita Shakel
    University of New South Wales law journal 34(1) 2011: 211-249
    Summary: Argues for a more flexible, consistent and constructive approach to victim impact statements in Australia, when sentencing offenders in child sexual assault cases

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