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Recidivism and desistance: March 2012


Journal articles

  • Assessing the impact of imprisonment on recidivism / William D Bales and Alex R Piquero
    Journal of experimental criminology 8(1) Mar 2012: 71-101
    Summary: Assesses the effect of imprisonment on reoffending relative to a prison diversion program, Community Control, for over 79,000 felons sentenced to state prison and 65,000 offenders sentenced to Community Control between 1994 and 2002 in Florida
  • Community safety and recidivism in Australia : breaking the cycle of reoffending to produce safer communities through vocational training / Susanne Bahn
    International journal of training research 19(3) Sep 2011: 261-266
  • Ending Sydney's law-and-order auction / Robert Milliken
    Inside story. April-May 2012:10-11
    Summary: Discusses NSW Attorney-General's policies aimed at reducing the prison population and providing resources for rehabilitation
  • It's only when crime doesn't pay that criminal are deterred / Henry Ergas
    Australian. 20 Mar 2012:
    Summary: Discusses findings of recent NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research report on the effects of arrest and imprisonment on crime rates and costs
  • The therapeutic prison / Paula Smith and Myrinda Schweitzer
    Journal of contemporary criminal justice 28(1) Feb 2012: 7-22
    Summary: Explains how the Correctional Program Assessment Inventory, a theoretically informed and evidence-based approach for designing a correctional institution can be used to guide the development of a prison whose goals and practices advance offender rehabilitation