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Recidivism and desistance: January 2012

Journal articles

  • Analytical reflections on time in custody / David Hockey
    The Howard journal of criminal justice 51(1) Feb 2012: 67-78
    Summary: Illustrates the applicability of script theory to understanding the process of imprisonment, which is considered as a contributing factor to high reoffending rates
  • Evaluation of the predictive validity of the Violence Risk Scale in a paroled offender sample: a seven-year prospective study / Stephen C P Wong and Karen K Parhar
    Journal of forensic psychiatry and psychology 22(6) Dec 2011: 790-808
    Summary: Assess the validity of the Violence Risk Scale in predicting recidivism in a sample of 60 federal offenders residing in the community after their release under conditional orders
  • Evidence on the effectiveness of juvenile court sanctions / Daniel P Mears, Joshua C Cochran, Sarah J Greenman, Avinash S Bhati and Mark A Greenwald
    Journal of criminal justice 39(6) Nov/Dec 2011: 509-520
    Summary: Because of the multiple and varied nature of sanctions within juvenile justice, it has been difficult to make overall assessments of 'what works' in reducing recidivism and improving mental health, drug dependency, and education outcomes
  • Exploring criminogenic need through victim apology letters II : an IPA analysis of post-treatment accounts of offending against children / Simon Duff
    Journal of aggression, conflict and peace research 3(4) 2011: 230-242
    Summary: Building on previous work, concerned with analysis of pre-treatment apology letters of men who have offended against children, the current research focuses on post-treatment apology letters of the same group of men.
  • From 'community corrections' to 'probation and parole' in Western Australia / Heather Harker and Anne Worrall
    Probation journal 58(4) Dec 2011: 364-371
    Summary: Traces the recent history of the WA Department of Corrective Services, following the recommendations of the Mahoney report in 2005
  • Naturally occurring social support in interventions for former prisoners with substance use disorders : conceptual framework and program model
    Journal of criminal justice 39(6) Nov/Dec 2011: 479-488
    Summary: Discusses how social support interventions can be used with former prisoners to promote reduced relapse to substance misuse and crime, with reference to the North Carolina program, Support Matters
  • On ambiguity in perceptions of risk : implications for criminal decision making and deterrence / John R Hipp and Daniel K Yates
    Criminology 49(4) Nov 2011: 1029-1061
    Summary: Results from two distinct, but complementary, analysis samples and empirical approaches for investigating how ambiguity affects decisions involving the possibility of losses
  • Testing social support theory : a multilevel analysis of recidivism / Erin A Orrick, John L Worrall, Robert G Morris, Alex R Piquero, William D Bales and Xia Wang
    Journal of criminal justice 39(6) Nov/Dec 2011: 499-508
    Summary: Study results show that while social support explains little variation in individual-level recidivism, a combination of private and public social support may reduce the likelihood of reconviction for drug offences