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Recidivism and desistance: December 2011


  • Seeing it through: options for improving offender outcomes in the community
    Chief Minister and Cabinet Directorate, 2011
    Summary: Outlines ACT Government's proposal for an extended 'Throughcare' system for prisoners returning to the community to ensure continuity of service delivery beyond the corrections setting.

Book chapters

  • Assessing risk of reoffending
    Federation Press, 2011
    Summary: Discusses the role of risk assessment in youth justice decision-making, and outlines risk assessment tools which have been adopted in many Australian jurisdictions
  • Preventing reoffending : evidence-based rehabilitative programs and interventions
    Federation Press, 2011
    Summary: Examines the effectiveness of a variety of rehabilitation programs and interventions designed for young offenders
  • Responding to offending : youth justice system responses
    Federation Press, 2011
    Summary: Provides an overview of the main practices used to respond to youthful offending and assesses their effectiveness for reducing recidivism

Journal articles

  • Alexander Maconochie's "Mark System" / John Moore
    Prison service journal no. 198 Nov 2011: 38-46
    Summary: Maconochie's penal philosophy asserted that the primary aim of public punishment should be the reformation of the criminal.
  • Applying risk/need assessment to probation practice and its impact on the recidivism of young offenders / Duyen Luong and J Stephen Wormith
    Criminal justice and behavior 38(12) Dec 2011: 1177-1199
    Summary: Results of study show that interventions that correspond to identified youth’s criminogenic needs are associated with reductions in recidivism
  • Criminal justice outcomes of those appearing before the Mental Health Tribunal : a record linkage study / Bob Green, Stedman Terry J, Ben Chapple and Cassandra Griffin
    Psychiatry, psychology and law 18(4) Nov 2011: 573-587
    Summary: Examines whether the insanity defence is overused in Queensland and whether the Mental Health Tribunal enhances community safety
  • Moral development and recidivism : a meta-analysis / Eveline Van Vugt
    International journal of offender therapy and comparative criminology 55(8) Dec 2011: 1234-1250
    Summary: A meta-analysis of 19 studies shows a significant inverse relation between more mature moral development and recidivism, with only a small difference between juvenile and adult delinquents
  • What is the difference between 'desistance' and 'resilience'? Exploring the relationship between two key concepts / Claire Fitzpatrick
    Youth justice 11(3) Dec 2011: 221-234
    Summary: Explores the relationship between desistance and resilience through insights from criminology and social work