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Recidivism and desistance: October 2011


Journal articles

  • An experimental demonstration of training probation officers in evidence-based community supervision / James L Bonta
    Criminal justice and behavior 38(11) Nov 2011: 1127-1148
    Summary: The present study evaluated a training program for probation officers based on the risk-need-responsivity model of offender rehabilitation.
  • Developing an empirical classification of violent offences for use in the prediction of recidivism in England and Wales / Philip Howard and Louise Dixon
    Journal of aggression, conflict and peace research 3(3) 2011: 141-154
    Summary: Develops an alternative, empirically grounded classification of violent offences adding public order, criminal damage, threats/harassment, robbery/aggravated burglary and weapon possession offences to the central group of homicide and assault offences and discusses the need to assess risk of sexual recidivism separately
  • Developmental factors in adolescent child sexual offenders : a comparison of nonrepeat and repeat sexual offenders / Susan M Dennison and Benoit Leclerc
    Criminal justice and behavior 38(11) Nov 2011: 1089-1102
    Summary: Examines developmental factors that may be relevant in understanding why some offenders become persistent sexual offenders throughout the course of adolescence
  • Researching recidivism in Western Australia : detailed studies are taking place / Roderic G Broadhurst and Ross Arthur Maller
    Canberra Times no. 21 Oct 2011: p. 21