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People trafficking: October 2012


  • Transnational organized crime in Central America and the Caribbean: a threat assessment / United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime
    United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, 2012
    Summary: Reports stresses the importance of humane and efficient criminal law systems in this region (Central America and Caribbean), and of understanding the relationship between development, the rule of law and security

Book chapters

  • Combating transnational crime in the GreaterMekong Subregion: the cases of Laos and Cambodia
    Edward Elgar Publishing, 2012
    Summary: Explains the patterns of movements that involve trafficking from and within the Lao PDR and Cambodia, describes and evaluates national legal and criminal justice responses to the problem
  • Criminalizing people smuggling : preventing or globalizing harm?
    Routledge, 2012
    Summary: Focuses on policies aimed at preventing the arrival of forced migrants to Australia and discusses the effects of prohibitionist border policies
  • Trafficking in human beings for sexual purposes : Sweden's anti-trafficking regime and the lessons for Australia
    Edward Elgar Publishing, 2012
    Summary: Outlines Sweden's anti-trafficking laws, including: criminalising the purchase of sexual services in 1998; the Prohibiting Trafficking in Human Beings for Sexual Purposes Act of 2002; and the 2004 legislation amendment, to include other forms of exploitation including forced labour

Journal articles

  • Criminal law against human trafficking within the EU : a comparison of an approximated legislation? / Serena Bressan
    European journal of crime, criminal law and criminal justice 20(2) 2012: 137-163
    Summary: Describes the evolution of international and EU human trafficking laws and assesses how EU Member states comply with EU requirements
  • Making possibilities realities : compensation for trafficked people / Frances Simmons
    Sydney law review 34(3) Sep 2012: 511-544
    Summary: In order to provide effective remedies for victims of trafficking, the focus must be on improving access to a range of civil remedies, in addition to obtaining compensation from convicted offenders
  • Prosecution and punishment of people smugglers in Australia 2008-2011 / Andreas Schloenhardt and Charles Martin
    Federal law review 40(1) 2012: 111-140
    Summary: Develops a profile of ‘typical’ people smuggling offenders, examines sentencing trends, and analyses the role of smuggled migrants
  • When money changes hands : 'unwelcomeness' in sex for money / Lauren Kaplin
    Women's rights law reporter 33(1) Fall 2011: 43-57
    Summary: Compares prostitution with sexual harassment, noting that unlike prostitution laws in the US, sexual harassment law holds the perpetrators of harassment, not the victims, accountable; proposes that buying, not selling, sex should be criminalised, as in Sweden.