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Juvenile justice: December 2014

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  • Core principles for reducing recidivism and improving other outcomes for youth in the juvenile justice system / Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention
    Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, Jul 2014
  • The effectiveness of declining juvenile court jurisdiction of youth
    Washington State Institute for Public Policy, 2013 Dec 2013

Journal articles

  • Aggressive policing and the mental health of young urban men / Amanda Geller, Jeffrey Fagan, Tom R Tyler and Bruce G Link
    American journal of public health 104(12) Dec 2014: 2321-2327
  • An exploration of the current knowledge on young people who kill : a systematic review / F Jeane Gerard, Vicki Jackson, Shihning Chou, Kate C Whitfield and Kevin D Browne
    Aggression and violent behavior vol. 19 2014: 559-571
  • Implementation of the risk-need-responsivity framework across the juvenile justice agencies in Singapore / Jonathan Raphacis Chua, Chi Meng Chu, Grace Yim, Dominic Chong and Jennifer Teoh
    Psychiatry, psychology and law 21(6) Dec 2014: 877-889
  • Juvenile delinquency treatment and prevention : a literature review / Jessica May, Kristina Osmond and Stephen Billick
    Psychiatric quarterly 85(3) Sep 2014: 295-301
  • Miller's promise : re-evaluating extreme criminal sentences for children / Nick Straley
    Washington law review vol. 89 2014: 963-1007
  • 'More than a game' : the impact of sport-based youth mentoring schemes developing resilience toward violent extremism / Amelia Johns, Michele Grossman and Kevin McDonald
    Social inclusion 2(2) 2014: 57-70
  • Out of step and out of touch : Queensland's 2014 youth justice amendments / Jodie O'Leary
    Current issues in criminal justice 26(2) Nov 2014: 159-175
  • Physical dating violence victimization among sexual minority youth / Feijun Luo, Deborah M Stone and Andra Teten Tharp
    American journal of public health 104(10) Dec 2014: e66-e73
  • Police 'pat down' searches of juveniles constitute a violation of the right to privacy / Dan Rogers
    Queensland lawyer 33(1) 2014: 19-37