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Homicide: January 2012


Journal articles

  • A review of published independent inquiries in England into psychiatric patient homicide, 1995–2010 / John H. M Crichton
    Journal of forensic psychiatry and psychology 22(6) Dec 2011: 761-789
    Summary: Reviews the inquiries into the individuals in England who are or who have recently been patients of mental health services and who have committed homicide, which are identified and published between 1995 and 2010
  • An examination of the quality of psychiatric court reports for juvenile perpetrators of homicide / Cathryn Rodway, Victoria Norrington-Moore, Louis Appleby and Jenny Shaw
    Journal of forensic psychiatry and psychology 22(6) Dec 2011: 895-904
    Summary: Examines the proportion of psychiatric reports prepared by experts in the field of child and adolescent psychiatry, discusses the quality of information available in reports submitted to the court in juvenile homicide trials and makes recommendations forreport content in these cases
  • Homicide by direct snake bite : a case of contract killing / Vipul Namdeorao Ambade, Jaydeo Laxman Borkar and Satin Kalidas Meshram
    Medicine, science and the law 52(1) Jan 2012: 40-43
    Summary: The first case reported where a snake was directly used for the murder of two victims through a contract killer
  • Homicide law reform in Victoria, Australia : from provocation to defensive homicide and beyond / Kate Fitz-Gibbon and Sharon Pickering
    British journal of criminology 52(1) Jan 2012: 150-160
    Summary: Reforms crafted to counter gender bias in homicide law have produced mixed results for female victims of intimate partner homicide and related case law
  • Marked for death : an empirical criminal careers analysis of death sentences in a sample of convicted male homicide offenders / Behnken. Monic P, Jonathan W Caudill, Mark T Berg and Chad R Trulson
    Journal of criminal justice 39(6) Nov/Dec 2011: 471-478
    Summary: Multiple measures of prior criminal activity including contemporaneous and prior history of violence, prior incarceration, early onset of arrest, juvenile homicide offending, and juvenile child molestation were associated with subsequently being sentencedto death.
  • Mass shootings in Australia and New Zealand : a descriptive study of incidence / Samara McPhedran and Jeanine Baker
    Justice policy journal 8(1) Spring 2011: 21 p
    Summary: Examines the incidence of mass shootings in Australia and New Zealand over a 30 year period and discusses findings in the context of social and economic trends
  • 'Mother of Sorrows': post-partum mental disorder and the law across five jurisdictions / Rosanna Langer
    Psychiatry, psychology and law. 11 Jan 2012:31 p
    Summary: Discusses law relating to cases featuring post-partum mental disorder in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand
  • Ruth Ellis and public contestation of the death penalty / Lizzie Seal
    The Howard journal of criminal justice 50(5) Dec 2011: 492-504
    Summary: Examines the public's views on Ruth to understand why her case was a pivotal one in turning the tide against capital punishment as a mandatory penalty for murder
  • Sentencing for murder : exploring public knowledge and public opinion in England and Wales / Barry Mitchell and Julian V Roberts
    British journal of criminology 52(1) Jan 2012: 141-158
    Summary: Explores public reaction to a range of sentencing options for murder and whether misperceptions of trends in crime and punishment are associated with more punitive attitudes