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Financial crime: November 2014

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Journal articles

  • AUSTRAC and the ACCC warn on dating scams
    GRC professional no. 4 2014: 19
  • Common grounds of accounting scandals reflected on Wikipedia / Cenap Ilter
    Journal of money laundering control 17(4) 2014: 440-474
  • Control, discipline and punish? Addressing corruption in South Africa / David Bruce
    SA crime quarterly no. 48 Jun 2014: 49-62
  • Counter terrorism financing risk rises / Daniel Sheehan
    GRC professional no. 4 2014: 20-23
  • Customer loyalty programs : money laundering and terrorism financing risks / Victor Dostov and Pavel Shust
    Journal of money laundering control 17(4) 2014: 385-394
  • Do the crime, do the time? Not if you're a banker in Australia / Philip Soos
    The conversation. 30 Oct 2014:[5] p
  • From victim to victor : corporate crime in the internet era / Mark Mermelstein and Mona S Amer
    Business law today. Nov 2013:
  • Identity theft and university students : do they know, do they care? / Ludek Seda
    Journal of financial crime 21(4) 2014: 461-483
  • Proceeds of crime : how polymer banknotes were invented / Tom Spurling and David H Solomon
    The conversation. 26 Nov 2014:[6] p
  • Retail theft, Inc. / Keith Aubele
    Security management 58(10) Oct 2014: 36-44

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