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Evaluation: January 2010

A selection of new key reports, books, journal articles and websites. All items are available on interlibrary loan through the JV Barry Library. Please contact your own library for assistance.


Conference Papers

Journal articles

  • Assessing the extent of crime displacement and diffusion of benefits : a review of situational crime prevention evaluations / Rob T Guerette and Kate Bowers
    Criminology 47(4) Nov 2009: 1331-1368
    Summary: of benefits. Where displacement did occur, it tended to be less than the treatment effect.Despite emerging evidence, the conventional wisdom is that situational crime prevention leads to crime displacement. This study examined 102 evaluations of situational crime prevention projects and found almost equal results for displacement and diffusion
  • Conducting cost benefit analyses in criminal justice evaluations : do we dare? / Edwin W Zedlewski
    European journal on criminal policy and research 15(4) Dec 2009: 355-364
    Summary: This article looks at issuesin, and provides advice on, evaluating programs in such areas as private security, juvenile delinquency, police interventions, and correctional rehabilitation when researchers attempt to add cost analysis to program inputs andtry to convert outcomes into monetary units.
  • Differential effects of an offender-focused crime prevention media campaign / Jamie Flexon and Rob T Guerette
    Journal of criminal justice 37(6) Nov/Dec 2009: 618-616
  • Ending the 'dialogue of the deaf' : evidence and policing policies and practices : an Australian case study / David Bradley and Christine Nixon
    Police practice and research 10(5-6) Aug 2009: 423-435
  • Evidence-based policing and crime reduction / Karen Bullock and Nick Tilley
    Policing : a journal of policy and practice 3(4) 2009: 381-387
  • Evidence-based policy-making : what is it? How do we get it? / Gary Banks
    Public administration today no. 20 Oct-Dec 2009: 9-23
  • Policing as self-audited practice / Peter K Manning
    Police practice and research 10(5-6) Aug 2009: 451-464
  • Separating science from nonsense : evidence-based research, policy, and practice in criminal and juvenile justice setting
    Victims and offenders 4(4) Jul-Sep 2009: whole issue
    Summary: The introductory article introduces the concept of rigorous research analysis for evidence-based policy and practice. 17 articles thenprovide brief overviews of topics that have been, or claim to have been, subjected to this sort of analysis.
  • Squaring the circles : research, evidence, policy-making, and police improvement in England and Wales / Peter Neyroud
    Police practice and research 10(5-6) Aug 2009: 437-449

Web Sites

  • Justice reinvestment / Council of State Governments (US). Justice Center