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Drugs and crime: February 2012


Journal articles

  • Bars, drugs and football thugs : alcohol, cocaine use and violence in the night time economy among English football firms / Tammy C Ayres and James Treadwell
    Criminology and criminal justice : an international journal 12(1) Feb 2012: 83-100
    Summary: Explores the functionality of cocaine (used in conjunction with alcohol and on its own) in the subcultural milieu of the English football firm
  • Demonstrating the process of community innovation : the Indian Country Methamphetamine Initiative / R Dale Walker
    Journal of psychoactive drugs 43(4) Oct/Dec 2011: 325-330
    Summary: Evaluates a US Government-sponsored initiative undertaken to create community-driven, culture-based best practices in methamphetamine prevention and treatment which could then be disseminated throughout Indian Country
  • How do researchers categorize drugs, and how do drug users categorize them? / Juliet P Lee and Tamar M J Antin
    Contemporary drug problems 38(3) Fall 2011: 387-427
    Summary: Study considering the drug classifications and terms widely used in survey research, compared to the classifications and terms used by drug users, finds that unlike survey researchers, users created taxonomies based on consumption method and the social contexts of use
  • Making the criminal addict : subjectivity and social control in a strong-arm rehab / Teresa Gowan and Sarah Whetstone
    Punishment and society 14(1) Jan 2012: 69-93
    Summary: Examines the institutional form at the centre of the mandatory, state-subsidized treatment opened up by drug courts and other jail and prison diversion programs with massively expanded the numbers of the nation's poor and working class who are labelled addicts and sent to rehab, by drawing on ethnographic and interview data
  • Nonsocial versus social reinforcers : contrasting theoretical perspectives on repetitive serious delinquency and drug use / Jennifer Stevens
    Youth violence and juvenile justice 9(4) Oct 2011: 295-312
    Summary: Study findings suggest that youth offend initially in pursuit of intrinsic gratification but continue to do so to gain peer approval
  • Precocious role entry as a mediating factor in women's methamphetamine use : implications for life-course and pathways research / Kristin Carbone-Lopez, Jody Miller and Jody Miller
    Criminology 50(1) Feb 2012: 187-220
    Summary: Tests the theory that early adoption of adult roles and responsibilities might contribute to the onset of offending by examining the cumulative impact of early transitions into adult roles and responsibilities on the onset of methamphetamine use by women
  • Reasons to be cheerful? : addressing public perceptions through National Tackling Drugs Week / Daniel Gilling
    Criminology and criminal justice : an international journal 12(1) Feb 2012: 41-60
    Summary: Presents the results of a research project exploring the impact on the public of National Tackling Drugs Week, a UK government communications initiative intended to inform about, and build public confidence in, the national drugs strategy
  • The characteristics of methamphetamine markets and their impact on communities / Bruce G. Taylor, Henry H Brownstein, Timothy M Mulcahy, Johannes Fernandes-Huessy, Daniel J Woods and Carol Hafford
    Criminal justice review 36(3) 2011: 312-331
    Summary: Measures the organisation and stability of drug markets using data from detailed surveys to explore the relationship between characteristics of methamphetamine markets and potential negative impacts on the surrounding communities
  • Violent behaviors in drug addiction : differential profiles of drug-addicted patients with and without violence problems / Javier Fernandez-Montalvo, Jose J Lopez-Goni, Alfonso Arteaga and Suzanne Sunday
    Journal of interpersonal violence 27(1) Jan 2012: 142-157