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Drugs and crime: December 2011


Journal articles

  • Changing control of the open drug scenes in Oslo : crime, welfare, immigration control, or a combination? / Ida Nafstad
    Journal of Scandinavian studies in criminology and crime prevention 12(2) 2011: 128-152
    Summary: Proposes that different forms of social control are employed in Norway toward locals and foreigners involved in the open drug markets, resulting in a stricter approach to immigration questions, and a tendency toward a conflation of immigration and criminal law
  • Drugs found in searches at Tamworth Correctional Centre / Steve Warnock
    Department of Corrective Services bulletin no. 652 Dec 2011: 14
    Summary: Describes how Tamworth Correctional Centre uses PADD dogs to search visitors and inmates to prevent contraband entering the facility
  • Inconsistency of Commonwealth and State laws : validity and operation of Victorian Charter of Human Rights / David Bennett and David Lewis
    Litigation notes no. 21 Nov 2011: 1-8
    Summary: In a 6:1 decision, the High Court has held that a Victorian drug trafficking offence was not inconsistent with a similar Commonwealth offence and therefore was not invalid under s 109 of the Constitution.
  • Making a difference
    Department of Corrective Services bulletin no. 652 Nov 2011: 10-11
    Summary: NSW Government's new intensive Drug and Alcohol Treatment program will gradually provide 300 drug treatment places in the John Morony and Dilwynia Correctional Centres from Feb 2012.
  • Perceptions of legitimacy and strategies of resistance : Melbourne illicit drug users and random roadside drug testing / Laura Ann Wilson
    Current issues in criminal justice 23(2) Nov 2011: 183-201
    Summary: Participants perceived RRDT encourages general road safety, but that it was not completely legitimate, and they used strategies to avoid being tested.
  • Preliminary analysis of the Northern Territory's illicit drug court diversion program highlights the need to examine lower program completion rates for indigenous clients / Paul Rysavy, Teresa Cunningham and Rosemary O'Reilly-Martinez
    Drug and alcohol review 30(6) Nov 2011: 671-676
    Summary: Investigates client characteristics, program completion rates and factors associated with retention, for all 484 clients admitted to the Northern Territory's Court Referral and Evaluation for Drug Intervention and Treatment 12 week illicit drug pre-sentence court diversion program between July 2003 and December 2008
  • The long road to treatment : models of screening and admission Into drug courts / Steven R Belenko, Nicole Fabrikant and Nancy Wolff
    Criminal justice and behavior 38(12) Dec 2011: 1222-1243
    Summary: Uses qualitative data from six US drug courts to examine screening and admission processes identifiing a number of key decision points, gatekeepers, formal and informal admission criteria, and opportunities for eligible participants to decline admission