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Drugs and crime: November 2011


Journal articles

  • Assessing progress in the war on drugs / Laura Spadanuta
    Security management 55(10) Oct 2011: 36 + [1] p
    Summary: Discusses findings and recommendations of a recent report from the Global Commission on Drug Policy, highlighting the effects of drug decriminalisation
  • Dealing with alcohol-related problems in the night-time economy : a study protocol for mapping trends in harm and stakeholder views surrounding local community level interventions / Peter G Miller, Darren Palmer, Nicolas Droste, Jenny Tindall, Karen Gillham, Anders Sonderlund, Emma McFarlane, Florentine De Groot, Amy Sawyer, Daniel Groombridge, Christophe Lecathelinais and John H Wiggers
    BMC research notes 4(204) 2011: 10 p
  • IDRS and EDRS 2011 report : key findings / Natasha Sindicich and Jennifer Stafford
    Of substance 9(3) Nov 2011: 6-7
    Summary: Provides key findings for 2011 for Illicit Drug Reporting System (IDRS) and Ecstasy and Related Drugs Reporting System (EDRS); IDRS maps drug trends in capital cities through surveying people who inject drugs and others who work in the illicit drug area(such as police and health workers) while EDRS maps drug use trends among people who tend to frequent nightclubs and entertainment events, also drawing on data from other sources such as police and health workers.
  • Illicit retail methamphetamine markets and related local problems : a police perspective / Bruce G. Taylor
    Journal of drug issues 41(3) Summer 2011: 327-352
    Summary: Finds that the operational features of methamphetamine market can have a significant impact on the types of public safety, health, and economic problems communities are experiencing
  • Inconsistency of Commonwealth and State laws : validity and operation of Victorian Charter of Human Rights / David Bennett and David Lewis
    Litigation notes no. 21 Nov 2011: 1-8
    Summary: In a 6:1 decision, the High Court has held that a Victorian drug trafficking offence was not inconsistent with a similar Commonwealth offence and therefore was not invalid under s 109 of the Constitution.
  • Issues in defining and applying evidence-based practices criteria for treatment of criminal-justice involved clients / Michael L Prendergast
    Journal of psychoactive drugs 43(Supplement 1 (SARC supplement no. 7)) 2011: 10-18
    Summary: Provides a general overview of evidence-based practice, particularly as it applies to treatment and other interventions for offenders with drug- and alcohol-related problems; cites examples identified by government and academic organisations; and details criteria used for program evaluation
  • Motivation for treatment among women offenders in prison-based treatment and longitudinal outcomes among those who participate in community aftercare / Christine E Grella and Luz Rodriguez
    Journal of psychoactive drugs 43(Supplement 1 (SARC supplement no. 7)) Sep 2011: 58-67
    Summary: Study shows that women offenders who completed the aftercare program, or who had longer treatment duration, and those who had participated in an in-prison program prior to parole had reduced risk of recidivism
  • Not for human consumption? The banning of synthetic cannabinoids / Gideon Warhaft
    Of substance 9(3) Nov 2011: 14-17
    Summary: Discusses the recent availability in Australia of cannabinoids, recreational drugs in the category of 'legal highs'; outlines overseas experience and attitudes to the legality of these substances
  • The bridge from research to practice in the treatment of criminal justice-involved clients in California / Michael S Cunningham
    Journal of psychoactive drugs 43(Supplement 1 (SARC supplement 7)) Sep 2011: 1-2
    Summary: Discusses the need to find ways for research to partner with the criminal justice system to to deliver alcohol and other drug prevention, treatment, and recovery services for offenders, 65% of whom, it is estimated, have a substance abuse disorder
  • Treatment outcomes for methamphetamine users : California Proposition 36 and comparison clients / Mary-Lynn Brecht and Darren Urada
    Journal of psychoactive drugs 43(Supplement 1 (SARC supplement no. 7)) Sep 2011: 68-76
    Summary: Examines selected treatment performance and outcome indicators for California Proposition 36 (the California Substance Abuse and Crime Prevention Act of 2000) offenders entering substance abuse treatment (drug diversion) for methamphetamine use
  • WA Coroner rules over Balgo deaths
    Koori Mail no. 513 2 Nov 2011: 32
    Summary: Five young Aboriginal males from the remote Kimberley community of Balgo were found to have died from petrol-sniffing within twelve months.