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Drugs and crime: August 2011


Journal articles

  • Cannabis and progression to other substance use in young adults : findings from a 13-year prospective population-based study / Wendy Swift, Carolyn Coffey, Louisa Degenhardt, John B Carlin, Helena Romaniuk and George C Patton
    Journal of epidemiology and community health. 19 Jul 2011:6 p
    Summary: Based on a 13-year longitudinal cohort study with recruitment in secondary school students in Victoria, this study provides compelling evidence of the continuing association between cannabis, licit and other illicit drug use well into young adulthood.
  • Drug sentencing in South Korea : the influence of case-processing and social status factors in an ethnically homogeneous context / Minsik Lee, Jeffery Ulmer and MiRang Park
    Journal of contemporary criminal justice 27(3) Aug 2011: 378-397
    Summary: Investigates sentencing outcomes for drug offenses in South Korea, using data from the six largest cities in South Korea from 1997 to 2001
  • Five challenges for volatile substance misuse policy and intervention in Australia / Sarah MacLean and Peter D'Abbs
    Drug and alcohol review 30(2) Mar 2011: 223-227
    Summary: Identifies the need to integrate policing with welfare responses, fund diversion programs, use harm reduction strategies and obtain product substitutes like Opal for petrol, in order to respond effectively to the problem of volatile substance misuse
  • Prison use of medications for opioid addiction remains low / Lori Whitten and Josiah D Rich
    NIDA note 23(5) Jul 2011: 8-9
    Summary: Based on a survey by Dr. Josiah D. Rich of Brown University and Miriam Hospital in Providence, Rhode Island about prison use of opioid replacement therapy (ORT), the article discuss the survey results and recommends the enhancement of accessing and utilising ORT within the criminal justice system.
  • The relationship between early-phase substance-use trajectories and drug court outcomes / Craig G A Jones, Richard I Kemp and Timothy S. Bynum
    Criminal justice and behavior 38(9) Sep 2011: 913-933
    Summary: Seeks to identify patterns of substance use among 1,019 participants of the New South Wales Drug Court program (Sydney, Australia) between 2003 and 2009
  • Understanding punishment responses to drug offenders : the role of social threat, individual harm, moral wrongfulness, and emotional warmth / Russil Durrant, Stephanie Fisher and Maria Thun
    Contemporary drug problems 38(1) Spring 2011: 147-177
    Summary: Survey of NZ residents finds that the factor that most influences punishment response towards drug offenders is the perceived moral wrongfulness of drug use and drug dealing

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