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Drugs and crime: June 2011

A selection of new key reports, books, journal articles and websites. All items are available on interlibrary loan through the JV Barry Library. Please contact your own library for assistance.


Journal articles

  • Australian trends in drug user and drug dealer arrest rates : 1993 to 2006-07 / David A Bright and Alison Ritter
    Psychiatry, psychology and law 18(2) May 2011: 190-201
  • Do drug policies affect cannabis markets? A natural experiment in Switzerland, 2000-10 / Martin Killias, Giang Ly Isenring, Gwladys Gillieron, Joelle Vuille and Gwladys Gillieron
    European journal of criminology 8(3) May 2011: 171-186
    Summary: Scholars and policymakers have long debated whether drug policies have any impact on demand for, supply of and prices for illegal substances. Switzerland's recent experience with changing policies offers an opportunity to study this issue
  • Drug drivers beware / Anna Erbrederis
    Police life : the Victoria Police magazine. Jun 2011:3
  • Hard pill to swallow / Paul Cook and Reggie Caverson
    RCMP Gazette 73(1) 2011: 30-31
    Summary: Prescribed narcotic pain-relievers such as Fentanyl, Methadone, Percocet, Percodan and pure oxycodone-based drugs such as OxyContin have all been implicated as a factor in increased addiction, crime and overdose deaths in the province of Ontario, Canada.
  • Law Commission proposes warning system for 'low level' drug offences
    New Zealand Police Association police news 44(5) Jun 2011: 139


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