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Drugs and crime: August 2010


Journal articles

  • Addictive drug use management policies in a long-run economic model / Harry Clarke and Martin Byford
    48(2) : 151-165
  • An overview of systematic reviews on cannabis and psychosis : discussing apparently conflicing results / Silvia Minozzi
    Drug and alcohol review 29(3) May 2010: 304-317
  • Assessing community support for harm reduction services : comparing two measures / Max Hopwood
    Drug and alcohol review 29(4) Jul 2010: 385-391
    Summary: Explores whether survey information and design can influence participants' responses about drug use and harm reduction.
  • Comparing spatially varying coefficient models : a case study examining violent crime rates and their relationships to alcohol outlets and illegal drug arrests / David Wheeler and Lance Waller
    Journal of geographical systems 11(1) Mar 2009: 1-22
    Summary: In this paper, we compare and contrast a Bayesian spatially varying coefficient process (SVCP) model with a geographically weighted regression (GWR) model for the estimation of the potentially spatially varying regression effects of alcohol outlets and illegal drug activity on violent crime in Houston, Texas.
  • Drug offenders' perceptions of motivation : the role of motivation in rehabilitation and reintegration / Lior Gideon
    International journal of offender therapy and comparative criminology 54(4) Aug 2010: 597-610
  • Leisure time activities that predict initiation, progression and reduction of cannabis use : a prospective, population-based panel survey / Michael Schaub
    Drug and alcohol review 29(4) Jul 2010: 378-384
    Summary: Initial and follow-up survey of more than 5,000 participants to see what effect leisure time activities and the people associated with them have on initiation, progression and reduction of cannabis use.
  • Modelling crack cocaine use trends over 10 years in a Canadian setting / Dan Webb
    Drug and alcohol review 29(3) May 2010: 271-277
    Summary: Investigated longitudinal patterns of crack cocaine use among polydrug users in Vancouver between 1996 and 2005, finding a massive increase among injecting drug users and complex interactions leading to initiation.
  • Reconciling the purposes and principles of criminal punishment / John Hatzistergos
    Law society journal (Law Society of NSW) 48(7) Aug 2010: 78-80
    Summary: The NSW Attorney-General draws attention to the achievements of the NSW Drug Courts, CREDIT and MERIT programs and other developments in sentencing and rehabilitation.
  • Responding to clandestine methamphetamine manufacturing : a case study in situational crime prevention / Rashi K Shukla and E Elaine Bartgis
    Criminal justice policy review 21(3) Sep 2010: 338-362
    Summary: Laws to restrict sales of pseudoephedrine-containing products fit within the situational crime prevention perspective. Local laboratories seizures reduced, however supply of methamphetamine did not, as it started to come from Mexico.
  • Risk, need, and responsitivity : unrealized potential for the international delivery of substance abuse treatment in prison / Jennifer M Jolley and John J Kerbs
    International criminal justice review 20(3) Sep 2010: 280-301
    Summary: Examines the legal and socioeconomic policy implications of programs that fail to provide services according to offenders’ specific needs in Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States.
  • The dark side of sniffing : paint colour affects intoxication experiences among adolescent inhalant users / Michael Takagi, Murat Yucal and Dan Lubman / Michael Takagi, Murat Yucel and Dan I Lubman
    Drug and alcohol review 29(4) Jul 2010: 452-455
  • The roles of victim and offender substance use in sexual assault outcomes / Leanne Brecklin
    Journal of interpersonal violence 25(8) Aug 2010: 1503-1522
  • The sentencing response to defendants with foetal alcohol spectrum disorder / Heather Douglas / Heather Douglas
    Criminal law journal 34(4) 2010: 221-239
  • The toxicology of homicide offenders and victims : a review / Shane Darke
    Drug and alcohol review 29(2) Mar 2010: 202-215
  • 'When the banks withdraw, slum landlords take over' : the structuration of neighbourhood decline through redlining, drug dealing, speculation and immigrant exploitation / Manuel Aalbers
    Urban studies 43(7) Jun 2006: 1061-1086
    Summary: It is argued that the retreat of 'formal' actors, such as banks and bona fide landlords, stimulates the rise of the underworld in both the housing and drugs markets.


Web Sites

  • National drug court resource centre / United States. Dept. of Justice. Office of Justice Programs. Bureau of Justice Assistance
    Summary: NDCRC is a collective repository of all vital Drug Court information: latest research findings, funding opportunities, trainings, breaking news, and announcements. NDCRC provides up-to-date information, networking, and support to all Drug Court practitioners, training providers, national partners, Drug Court clients, and citizens nationwide.