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Drugs: January 2010

A selection of new key reports, books, journal articles and websites. All items are available on interlibrary loan through the JV Barry Library. Please contact your own library for assistance.


Journal articles

  • [The aftermath of the War on Drugs] / Ojmarrh Mitchell
    Journal of crime and justice 32(2) 2009: whole issue
    Summary: Special issue on the costs and impact of the War on Drugs, with an emphasis on race and justice issues.
  • Cannabis and crime : findings from a longitudinal study / Willy Pedersen and Torbjorn Skardhamar
    Addiction 105(1) Jan 2010: 109-118
    Summary: The study suggests that cannabis use in adolescence and early adulthood may be associated with subsequent involvement in criminal activity. However, the bulk of this involvement seems to be related to various types of drug-specific crime.
  • Gang membership and drug involvement : untangling the complex relationship / Beth Bjerreraard
    Crime and delinquency 56(1) Jan 2010: 3-24
    Summary: The authors find that gang membership is not determinative of drug involvement among a national random sample of youth.
  • Operation Hellenic
    Blueprint no. 27 Dec 2009: 14-17
    Summary: Operation Hellenic, a collaboration between AFP, SAPOL and other agencies, aimed to impede the importation of caine into Australia and dismantle the international narcotics trafficking syndicate
  • Understanding illicit drug markets in Australia / Robyn Dwyer and David Moore
    British journal of criminology 50(1) Jan 2010: 82-101
    Summary: The dominant Australian approaches to the study of illicit drug markets are surveillance and criminological research. In this paper, the main features of these approaches are outlined and discussed.