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Domestic and family violence: February 2015

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Journal articles

  • Alcohol intoxicated eyewitnesses' memory of intimate partner violence / Malin Hildebrand Karlen, Emma Roos af Hjelmsater, Claudia Fahlke, Par Anders Granhag and Anna Soderpalm Gordh
    Psychology, crime and law 21(1/2) Jan/Feb 2015: 156-171
  • An Australian Indigenous-focussed justice response to intimate partner violence : offenders' perceptions of the sentencing process / Elena Marchetti
    British journal of criminology 55(1) 2015: 86-108
  • Does neighborhood environment differentiate intimate partner femicides from other femicides? / Kirsten M M Beyer, Peter M Layde, L Kevin Hamberger and Purushottam W Laud
    Violence against women 21(1) Jan 2015: 49-64
  • If you want to cut crime, you can't ignore the evidence / Janet Ransley
    The conversation. 19 Feb 2015:[4] p
  • Intimate partner homicide : new insights for understanding lethality and risks / Brynn E Sheehan, Sharon B Murphy, Mary M Moynihan, Erin Dudley-Fennessey and Jane G Stapleton
    Violence against women 21(2) Feb 2015: 269-288
  • Intimate partner violence victims as mothers : their messages and strategies for communicating with children to break the cycle of violence / Emily R Insetta, Aletha Y Akers, Elizabeth Miller, Michael A Yonas, Jessica G Burke, Lindsay Hintz and Judy C Chang
    Journal of interpersonal violence 30(4) Feb 2015: 703-724
  • Outcomes associated with common and immigrant group-specific responses to intimate terrorism / Julie Yingling, Merry Morash and Juyoung Song
    Violence against women 21(2) Feb 2015: 206-228
  • Prosecutors' perceptions of the utility of 'relationship' evidence in sexual abuse trials / Elli Darwinkel, Martine B Powell and Patrick Tidmarsh
    Australian and New Zealand journal of criminology 47(1) Apr 2014: 44-58
  • 'So now i'm the man' : intimate partner femicide and its interconnections with expressions of masculinities in South Africa / Shanaaz Matthews, Rachel Jewkes and Naeemah Abrahams
    British journal of criminology 55(1) Jan 2015: 107-124
  • Social desirability and partner agreement of men's reporting of intimate partner violence in substance abuse treatment settings / Andrew J Freeman, Julie A Schumacher and Scott F Coffey
    Journal of interpersonal violence 30(4) Feb 2015: 565-579
  • The evidence supports specialist refuges for domestic violence / Jane Bullen
    The conversation. 18 Feb 2015:[4] p
  • The implications of uncertainty in the law of criminal causation for the one-punch homicide offence in Western Australia / Sophie Taylor
    University of Western Australia law review 38(2) Jan 2015: 62-85
  • Trust and safety, risks and opportunities / Catherine Plunkett
    DVRCV Advocate no. 2 Spring/Summer 2014: 4-9
  • Victims' voices and victims' choices in three IPV courts / Kristin L Anderson
    Violence against women 21(1) Jan 2015: 105-124
  • What counts? A mixed-methods study to inform evaluation of shelters for abused women / C Nadine Wathen, Roma M Harris, Marilyn Ford-Gilboe and Michele Hansen
    Violence against women 21(1) Jan 2015: 125-146


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