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Cybercrime: March 2012


Journal articles

  • Combating cybercrime across the Taiwan Strait : investigation and prosecution issues / Yao Chung Chang
    Australian journal of forensic sciences 44(1) Mar 2012: 5-14
    Summary: Discusses issues of cybercrime investigation and prosecution across the Taiwan Strait, based on interview data collected in 2008 and 2009, in both China and Taiwan
  • Computer forensics and cloud computing : how it affects obtaining your client's evidence / Allison Stanfield
    Internet law bulletin 14(9) Mar 2012: 209-2011
    Summary: Examines the difficulties posed by cloud computing for acquiring original digital evidence and issues to acknowledge when obtaining evidence stored within the cloud
  • The Kahui amendment
    New Zealand Police Association police news 45(2) Mar 2012: 33
    Summary: The Crimes Act (NZ) has been amended to make child abuse reporting compulsory for all household / institution members and to make it easier for a police officer to trap sex offenders online.
  • Treasure trove : data mining the Internet and social media / Mike Keleher
    RCMP Gazette 73(3) 2011:
    Summary: Combining deep web searches with personal data posted online via social websites can lead police to huge amounts of information on suspects, victims and witnesses